Sunday, July 19, 2020


 Hi my Friends,  I thought this may be of interest to some one.  It is always easier to paint in your studio rather than outside, "en plein aire".   I like to start with black and white photos.

 I can see the values better and I don't get bogged down with the details, I guess the colors just make your eye go to these details.  I used both of these B&W photos for the top painting.

 I have intended to use this 2nd photo for a painting with that barn building in it.  Not sure why a building would be built with air moving through it.  Maybe they dried tobacco in it, long ago.

 Here are my reference photos for the boots, in color and B&W.  Can you see that it might be easier with the B&W?  If you are a painter give it a try.  

Blogger has forced me to finish this post this way.  No text between the last 2 photos.  When I'm nearly finished I will look at the color images on my computer for a few details.  I usually print the B&W photos because my computer is in my house not in my studio.

If you decide to give this a try, send me an email.  I'd love to know how it works for you.


Tuesday, June 16, 2020


Hey My Friend,  Paintings of Power...Power Lines that is.  I think I like to paint the sky and clouds and find most people are not impressed with that simple subject so maybe that is why I add the hooman touch.

I do find the patterns produced by all that metal and wire to be interesting and I'm grateful we have this convenience.

Of course the vast distances these towers and wire cross are inspiring to me.  I can't help but be inspired, awe struck, when standing on the top of a huge mountain and looking at the beauty, and see all the work that went into bringing us electricity.

I have more on my mind so hopefully you will visit again.
I'm also itching to do some floral work.  Not that the weather here in Virginia is cooperating.
It has been another chilly, drizzly spring.
Much better than wild fires.


Wednesday, June 10, 2020


Hey My Friend, Here is the little pleine air piece I did last week at Mason's Creek.
Lots of water in the creek right now, we have had so much rain.
It was a joy to be there and I got a funny little photo of my GranSon, if I can email it to myself.

I didn't even notice it when I took the photo.  He appears to be sitting on my easel !
Have not added this small painting to Ebay yet.

Hoping to make it to Sheep Mountain soon with friends to paint more .  Never been there but hoping for some Mountain views.


Monday, June 1, 2020


Hey My friend,  Hope your part of the world is as lovely as here in SW Va. in the Blue Ridge Mtns.  This is Mason's Creek, which is pretty close to I81 and at the intersection of Rt.311 and Rt.419.
It is a beautiful creek but too chilly to get in right now.  My GranBabe, Nic waded and threw stones.  He was very patient while I painted.  He is my art critic too.
This is the scene I chose.  Let me express my frustration with moving water.  Don't believe I will ever get it onto a canvas.  I think I'm aware of my limits but I will try again.  Sooner than later.
Didn't have to wear a face mask out here thank Heavens.  A couple of people came by and we chatted and I never even thought once about social distance and masks.  Slow learner, I guess.

Hope all are well and happy.


Friday, May 29, 2020

DUH.....Can't figure out how to edit

Hi My Friend, Had to give up  on the previous post with Baby Bella smiling at you.  Was driving me nuts trying to figure out how to add what I wanted to say.

I have figured out a few things about myself but now I don't want to talk about it so I'll wait until the mood hits me again.

The painting above is from a trip made with some friends to Natural Bridge, which is just north of Salem on I81.  Yes, the famous 81 that everyone hates.  Apparently the VDOT got enough complaints that has made them start working on the crazy High Way.  Looks like they will make it wider, thank goodness.

Back to the painting, it is a foot path that leads to a Berry Patch.  Beautiful scenery, indeed.
It is listed on my newish website on Fine Art America.
It is 8" x 16" painted with oil and cold wax on a canvas panel.

More to come and hopefully with out so much aggravation.


Sunday, May 17, 2020


Hi My Friend,  I know you are busy, like me, will try to keep this short.  I added new work done during the quarantine to my Ebay store and DPW.  The top piece was a humor problem I have ...everything is supposed to be humorous!   If you had as trouble as I did finding toilet paper and sanitizer you may not think it is too funny, but that is my problem.

The other two were done from memory.  Mom's old mail box she keeps gloves and tools in for the garden and the old shelter/shed that could fall any time.  Just junk under there mostly.  Lots of times we put the old golf cart under there.

Hope you will sign up for email updates her because I intend to give away small original paintings this year.   I wish all of you a long healthy, happy life.


Thursday, May 14, 2020


Hey My Friend,  I decided to start a short series that will be called "Bella's Neighbor Hood".  I spent 3 months with my new GranBabe  after she came home. 

 And several walks happened.  One, Bella tried out her new stroller and her Mom came along.  Took lots of photos.
 It is an older neighborhood with lots of tidy yards and some not so tidy.  And lots of sheds and dogs and old vehicles.
This is my favorite paintings so far.  Love the blooming Rhodi

Hoping to be at the Tea House in Salem tomorrow to plein air with a couple of buddies.

Happy Trails

Saturday, May 9, 2020

YEP, I didn't really mean to take this much time off!

 Hello My Friend,  You know how amazing time is?  It slips by with no warnings!  It's been over a year since I published a blog.  And in Feb. my Beautiful Bella Baby was born.  She is only 11 weeks old and already holds her head up just fine and she's trying to stand.  LOVE!

Next summer she will help me paint.  I hope she likes to be out side as much as I do.

I have been painting some, not as much as I would like, but that's life.  I had hoped to do a lot of camping this year BUT this crazy pandemic has shut everything down .  Not to mention how awful the weather has been.  Cold, freezing here in SW Va. or rainy.  So I hope to see some warm temps and sunshine soon.  I'll be ready with my paints in the car.

Here is one I finished recently.  A view when leaving Green Hill Park back to Main Street.

Happy Trails

Saturday, February 2, 2019


Hi My Friend, I have not had a chance to say much about this new piece.  I was showing a friend some work on my phone and she saw this one and wanted it !!
So I will deliver tomorrow.

Funny how those things happen.  Here is a shot of it's beginning.  Don't look related do they?
I am practicing videos so I will sign off and get on it.
Be Back Soon.