Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"Carrying the Mail"

This is my all time favorite painting. So it is not for sale. But I wanted to share that day with everyone. I was using some photo's I took and all the details of this moment came back as I painted. That's the best reason to use your own photo'swhen you paint. My sweet grandbaby was so focused and intent on getting the mail to her great grandmother (Granny), it was almost funny. The day was warm and sunny. Our driveway is in deep shade so I waited for her to walk into the spots of sunshine. I love her so much. Happy Memories!

"Antique Urn with Bluebird"

Here is another piece from the same day of dogsitting for my sister. She also has yellow finches and Hummingbirds to visit her yard. She loves to garden so I have plenty of lovely flowers to paint . "Thanks Nancy!

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"Sun on the Patio"

"Sun on the Patio" I was dog sitting for my sister. The umbrella was folded up, so I opened it and rearranged some stuff so the sun light hit it in an interesting way. It was a beautiful day.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fan Dancer

I finally have figured out how to post new work to this blog.

Just a comment about the Fan Dancer below. I saw this little girl at a local ethnic festival.
She was holding maracas & lots of other children were around her. I just wanted to try the colorful fans.

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