Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Hello My Dear Friends,  Did you know the Color of the Year is Ultra Violet??  Yeah, like we are gonna go buy a new wardrobe and probably some new furniture !
Another way to look at this is,, we could buy a new T-Shirt, or pair of shorts (thinking positively about spring coming) or a can of paint or new rugs or pillows or How about Paintings ? !!
Maybe it's just my experience but I think it's easier to pick out a painting, than clothes.
Click on both the links up for more inspiration.

Also want you to know I'm participating again in Leslie Saeta's 30 day challenge.  This is where you would sign up and then post your painting each day that you create a new work.
There is NO pressure, just do the Best you can.

My last note is about Josh.  He is back in the hospital.  That's his Mom and she is my sister.  I go to Lewis Gale every day just to give her support.  She is such a meek, non confrontational person, that I feel like the staff just walks all over her.  She has to do everything for Josh when the staff should be doing things like changing his bed or cleaning his bathroom or bringing water and ice. 
I guess it's obvious Josh is handicapped and does not talk much.  It very important for his well being that she is there 24/7.  If he is scared or does not know you, he will be loud and violent.
So just say an extra little prayer they can go home really soon.

Look for a lot of blog posts from me this Feb. as I try to keep up with all my commitments.
I hope you enjoy the new direction in my art work, because it is such a joy for me!

Happy Trails

Thursday, January 25, 2018


Hey My Friends,  Getting the blogs done a wee bit earlier than usual, because I pick up my 2 GranBabes at 3pm from school.  After the pick up, it is hard telling how the rest of the weekend will go !!  Since it is so cold and the flu is rampant, I hope we will be staying home for the most part.

These two pieces I recently added to my Ebay Store.  The clouds were created last summer and the Flamingo was created several years ago.  He has been squirreled away in the studio and I dug him out last summer.  Just getting around to showing him off.  You will find they are priced for moving!  and the shipping is free in the US.

Happy Trails

Monday, January 22, 2018


Hey Friends,  I thought I was finished with this 24" sq. piece below, but a friend suggested some flying birds would be cool. 
What do you think?

Anybody at all that wants to offer their opinion, it would help.
The birds in the top version are just cut out black tape, so I can remove easily.

I finished a couple over the weekend so more to come.

And if anyone wants to know, I love having a studio in the 202 Bldg. down town.
The only thing better would be a street level studio, more people might actually come in.

Happy Trails

Thursday, January 18, 2018


Hey Friends,  I had to go to the PO today to mail this painting (above) to a Lady in Michigan !!  YES, it made me super happy.  I hope she will send a photo of it in her home.

And this is what I had to do before I could get out.  Just clean the car off.  With this Subaru you can get in and GO!  No need to shovel the driveway or worry about the ice on the next road.  The county has never, never, gotten the snow and ice off of Gum Springs.

I have not been very good about telling you of all the paintings I sell on the web.  I will try harder to let you know the art industry is still alive  ( a bit crippled) but ALIVE!

Thanks for stopping in and enjoy your snow days.


Friday, January 5, 2018


Hey Dear Friends,  Normally on Friday nights I'm busy with my GranBabes or the First Friday Art Walk in DT Roanoke, Va.  But tonight is different because I have a cold and the worst nose ever.  The air is so dry because the heat runs constantly when it is 3 degrees outside and that does nothing for your sinus'.  I have water boiling on low to help a little.

Painted this bright happy little Spring Time painting last week.  A little at a time, between visiting my Sister and Nephew in the hospital.  He has Pneumonia and other stuff, poor Baby.
I also painted some original art work Cards which are listed in my EBAY STORE. Most are still life's with flowers and fruit and cups.
The rabbits and some others will soon be on Daily Paint Works and Ebay. Check them out.  Any painting in my store can be gift wrapped and sent straight to your recipient.  No Charge.
Hoping to be working on some abstracts soon.