Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My Thoughts for this One Day

Hey Friends,  Yesterday I was reading a blog that I have followed for a long time.  It is the creation of  Karen Margulias.  Click to read 

She said most people make a bunch of resolutions for the New Year and most never think of them again.  She is doing something I think I want to try.

She has made a list of her qualities and the areas she lacks in.

She will pick one for each month.  So she is not overwhelmed or discouraged.


My biggest defects (IMO) are unorganized and NO patience.

They will fill-FILL-the first 2 months and may have to be repeated.

The painting above will be going to Potentially Chic in a few weeks I hope.
Stop by there and look at all their goodies, you won't be disappointed.
And let them help you will a decorating problem.  Get a 2nd opinion.

Happy Trails

Thursday, December 24, 2015


Hello Dear Friends,  Wanted to wish you all a very peaceful, safe Christmas.
Hoping you get to share lots of Joy!

Thanks for following along this short journey.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Hey Friends,  Thankful to feel better.  Had something that must have been a virus last week.
But last night I started prepping my panels for the up coming 30 day challenge in Jan.  Leslie Saeta hosts a challenge to paint one every day in Jan.  EVERY DAY, I say!
There are 30 panels up there and a few extras in case I loose my temper.

AND today about 2pm I went West on Rt. Eleven close to Elliston to paint a bit.  It started Plein Aire but as you can see I did not finish.  Was another beautiful day for December in SW Va.  Not so good for the trees.  Some are blooming and the sap is running.

Here is an 8 x 10 canvas I finished a couple weeks ago.  It is dry now.  My scanner seems to be off a bit in capturing the colors correctly.  I fooled with the colors and saturation, etc but it still shows the shadows as ultramarine blue when the blue is not that intense.
You know that famous phrase "It (he or she) really looks better in Person" ?
It really does !
I will list it in my Etsy shop tonight.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Hey Friends,  Yesterday i almost finished these two pup portraits.  In between working on the commission.  I think I may finished, I'm waiting for a reply from the couple.

These are portraits of MeeMee in her Hawaiian crowns.  I hope the recipients enjoy.

And this is a bad photo of the Madd Roosters but I was trying to get something before it got too dark.

Working on other small gifts now.

Just a reminder that the show at the Jefferson Center will be up through mid. Jan.

And we will be at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford this Sat. the 12th.  We hope to be outside painting.

Stop in and see all of their gifts made by local artists.

Thanks for stopping in.

Happy Trails

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Hey Friends,  Last night I went with some of the DLP gals to the Holiday Open House at Potentially Chic on Brambleton Ave. here in Roanoke, Va.  It was a very enjoyable event and evening.  I finally found the perfect birthday gift for my sister.!  Really happy about that.  And the jewelry maker, the Velvet Peony, had the perfect gift for a dear friend in Florida !
And the photo above shows one of my paintings in one of their beautiful shop vinyettes. (spell check couldn't even correct this word-so I don't feel too dumb)

AND they sold this painting of mine !!  How cool is that?
They also sold some of the mini rooster blocks.
Thank you Ladies very much.

And lastly I wanted to show you this detail shot I emailed to the couple that commissioned the painting I began showing you yesterday.

I asked what she thought of this and a few more shots.  She replied "the hen looked as if she is wearing a beret and glasses."  I was real puzzled until I got back to the photos I sent her.
The interpretations other people see always amaze me.  I CAN SEE IT now.  But until she said that I never would have seen it.  So now I have some more work to do.  But I'm really happy she told me and I can correct I hope.

More fun to show you tomorrow.

Hope all of you are having a great December so far.

Happy Trails
Travel Well

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Hey Dear Friends,  We had our holiday show reception at the Jefferson Center this past Sunday.

A good time we had, talking with our art patrons about the creative process and what their tastes were about also.

I'm a little busy with a commission for a lovely couple here in Virginia.

The top photo is the beginning of blocking in the solid colors.  Bottom is the second step.
Next I will get the field or yard of greens better defined so I can get started on the FEATHERS!!

These guys have to have an attitude.

Hoping that some of you will take the time, tomorrow evening.  To come to Potentially Chic for their Holiday Open House.
We members of the Double Line Painters will be there to share in the fun and talk creativity if you are so inclined.  Should be another great event.  Would love to see you.

Click HERE for Pot.Chi.website and directions.

Happy Trails