Sunday, August 28, 2016


Hey Friends,  Thought perhaps you would enjoy a post about a few of the steps of painting this abstract.  This is ABSTRACT, not an abstracted landscape, which is more of what I want to do.
Above I'm using one of the cheap chip brushes to put the red on the canvas.

Here I'm dipping a piece of Tupperware in paint colors and stamping on the red.

A smaller sized cup for a variety of circle sizes.

Here I'm finished with the circles.  Used iridescent blues, greens, pinks and white.

I put these black and white circles I cut from paper, in a pattern, I thought pleasing.  Then I asked a friend, that likes abstracts, what she thought.
She gave it a thumbs up and said the same thing I was thinking.  That the black & white made it look more complete.
This piece would command attention and be a conversation starter.  Don't be afraid of Red.  It would look great with a lot more than you think.

Come to the Lynchburg Art Festival at EC Glass High School on September 17th and see what I've been working on.  I hope to post more works in Progress before then.

Happy Trails 

Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hey Friends, Hope you all are having a great summer!  It will be soon gone.  Yep, Mid August and the kiddie poos will be headed back to school.  How well I remember the feeling of dread.
Going back to school felt like a jail sentence!  I would have been happy to go to prison instead of school.  I was bored out of my mind every day in school.  Thankfully, I had one period I loved and that helped get me through the day.

I have finished (I think) these two and about 5 more this week.  I love to paint big and use BIG brushes.  Now that I see that top photo, I may have to tweek those dark colors or tweek the photo.
And you know I would love to hear critiques from you guys. 
I really would unless you are going to be JUST mean.

Also want to invite you to come to Montgomery Museum's HERITAGE DAY.
CLICK HERE for the info.
Me, myself, and the other Double Line Artists will be there painting.
We would love to see you.

Happy Trails
Travel Safely

Thursday, August 4, 2016

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day !!!

Hey Friends,  I'm thinking the title for this should be "TADPOLES BUBBLE" because that circle reminded me of the little bubbles we used to see the tadpoles in.

So now, go ahead and give me your honest opinion !  I'm working on more and I will ask you for your opinion on them too.

Hope you have a wonderful wet Thursday.

Oh yes, DID you know it is National CC Cookie Day?

Happy Trails