Sunday, August 28, 2016


Hey Friends,  Thought perhaps you would enjoy a post about a few of the steps of painting this abstract.  This is ABSTRACT, not an abstracted landscape, which is more of what I want to do.
Above I'm using one of the cheap chip brushes to put the red on the canvas.

Here I'm dipping a piece of Tupperware in paint colors and stamping on the red.

A smaller sized cup for a variety of circle sizes.

Here I'm finished with the circles.  Used iridescent blues, greens, pinks and white.

I put these black and white circles I cut from paper, in a pattern, I thought pleasing.  Then I asked a friend, that likes abstracts, what she thought.
She gave it a thumbs up and said the same thing I was thinking.  That the black & white made it look more complete.
This piece would command attention and be a conversation starter.  Don't be afraid of Red.  It would look great with a lot more than you think.

Come to the Lynchburg Art Festival at EC Glass High School on September 17th and see what I've been working on.  I hope to post more works in Progress before then.

Happy Trails 

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