Wednesday, January 26, 2011

300 Years Ago

Hey Friends, I've been meaning to show you a few of my "Western" or "Native American" paintings. I decided to name this series 300 Years Ago because by my calculations this era would have been >< that far back. I have a little American Indian blood in me so maybe that's why I'm so compelled to do these.
When I was little I always hoped Roy Rogers and Dale Evans would come riding over the horizon to adopt me and take me back West with them. I can remember those day dreams very vividly. Lord knows what would have happened if I had actually seen them coming. I'll bet it would've been close to a heart attack!

Anyway, I have thought that I must be the only person in Virginia that likes this subject matter and that is proabably still true BUT when I came home from working at Gallery 108 this evening, a lady in Minnesota had purchased the painting above !!! That gave me such a thrill, to know that someone else appreciated my sentiments on this subject.
So now that I feel braver I am going to list the others in my Etsy shop.
Happy Trails to You , Sue

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hey Friends, No big news around here just yet ! But I thought you might enjoy seeing my cows again. I finally listed all of them in my Etsy shop. Take a gander - HERE.

For sometime I've been contemplating opening a 2nd shop on Etsy. Just to see if anyone would appreciate my "other side". My grandbabes are motivating me to do this. I hate being on the fence about anything, so I need to get on with it-one way or the other.

Hoping you all had a pleasant weekend. I did.

Happy Trails, Sue

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting in the Groove.....

Hey Friends, I AM getting back into the groove of blogging. I still want you to meet all of the artists involved with Gallery 108 in downtown Roanoke. Above is Susan Lockwood, a photographer from Blacksburg, Va. She does a lot of traveling to get her photos. She has a lot of stuff for the RailRoad groupies too.
The photo above is for Mary Anne Meador, who works in all media and is especially good with pastels. She teaches workshops and is president of the LRA (League of Roanoke Artists). Bonnie Mason sharing a display panel with Mary Anne, is an amazing artist. She works with oils in a traditional style, also plein-air. Her subject matter is calm and restful.

Margaret Dubois is the artist above. She works with oil pastels but her claim to fame is ENAMELS! Now that is a hot mess. She has about 15 layers of this powder pigment and clear glazes to fire in a kiln. I mean each layer has to be fired. And the tiny images are just beautiful. Wish I had taken some close ups but the glass reflections probably would have made it useless anyway.
The next "Art by Night" is Feb.3rd, 5-9pm. So get out here and look for yourself. No
more stinking snow to worry about !
Happy Trails...