Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sheila Wiley and Sue Furrow at 2nd Helpings Gallery

Hey Friends, It has been such a busy month (April). Yesterday, Saturday the 7th is when the opening reception for our show at 2nd Helping occured. Sheila Wiley, whose art work is below, was unable to attend. She had a family emergency, I hope all is well now. The photo above is my work. The 2nd Helpings Gallery is really lovely and a great place to have a reception. They have lots of room and wonderful catering on site.
Marjorie and Mark do a great job of keeping the place running smoothly. And they make wonderful hosts. I appreciate their efforts and enjoy working with them.
The little girl above played some lovely harp tunes. Very talented. And my biggest treat was getting to meet a lovely couple that bought a large piece of my work last year, Beverly and John Martin.! She has lots of stories to tell and I hope I get to hear them. They are moving to this area soon. I just wish I'd had the presense of mind to get our picture made together.

I still need to tell you about Gallery 108 art walk or crawl on Friday night. And show you the featured window artists.! Next time.

Happy Trails.