Friday, February 8, 2013

Terra Skin !

Hey Friends,  The Double Line Painters met yesterday for a session of still life painting at Midge's club house on Smith Mountain Lake.  It was great fun and I tried working on some new paper I bought at Cheap Joe's.

I had heard of this new paper at least two years ago and looked and looked for it.  An artist in Canada was raving about it's texture.  Finally Joe had it in stock.

It feels so smooth and thick.  Not like WC paper or Yupo.  My acrylics took longer to dry than usual, I think the paint pretty much sits on top instead of sinking in so that may be why it takes longer to dry.

You can use ANY media and you do not have to use gesso.  I want to try some dry media like pastels !

Such fun.

Happy Trails
Travel Well

Friday, February 1, 2013


 Hey Friends,  I have had the FLU !  a bad case too.  Thank the Lord it has not been the stomach flu.
 The Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge held their first ever workshop last Saturday at 2nd Helpings in Roanoke, Va.  Every one loved their own little project and would like for us to hold more workshops.
Above is my youngest daughter creating her first collage of Lillie, her niece,my gran babe.
 Above is the same little Lillie, creating her master piece of butterflys.  She had glue everywhere !
Above is my niece's masterpiece of MAX her dog.  Look hard and you might see his name at top, cut from zebra print.  This is Tesa and she is very creative.  Her first collage and the best one .  Just my opinion.
Happy Trails 
Travel Well