Sunday, October 26, 2014

Windy Plein Aire

Hey Friends,  Two of us of the DLP's were crazy enough to try plein aire a couple days ago.  The Homeplace Restaurant on Rt.311 in Catawba, Va. has beautiful scenery all around it. 
Above is Linda, down low, trying to avoid the wind.

This is me after bungy-ing the easel to the car.  The wind blew it over twice.

This is a bit of the landscape.  The autumn colors are not so pretty this year.  Can't find any red, orange or bright yellow.  Just yellow ochre and brown.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails to You

Friday, October 17, 2014

Long Time Getting to Here

Hey Friends,  The nasty flu bugs are out already here in Blue Ridge Area of Virginia.  I've had one bout, my grand babes have had crazy temperatures and strip throat.  So watch OUT.
I felt so much better yesterday I drove out to Paint Bank, Va. near West Va. on Rt. 311.

This is peak foliage color time for them and it was beautiful.  My dinky little point & shoot doesn't do justice for the colors.  The 2 photos above are the bison on Rt.600.  Been wanting to photograph them for years.

This is the view from Potts Mountain close to the "Homeplace" restaurant.  As John Denver said "It sets my senses reeling".  You feel so close to heaven when out there.
You know some paintings are on the way !!  Yay !!
Happy Trails