Friday, May 30, 2008


This is one of my mom's old water cans. We both have several cans. This is a really rusty, well used can and petite too. This would be a nice gift for any gardener or antique lover! If you are interested Click HERE. And don't forget to stop by, say hello at the Roanoke Sidewalk Art Show on the streets of downtown Roanoke - next weekend - June 7 & 8!!!!!!!!! SOLD

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hydrangea's on your dresser, don't you love that? Add a flamingo! - what more could you want? Maybe a mint julep and a winning lottery ticket.

I've been so wrapped up in painting that I forgot to post a new painting on Thursday. In case you are interested, there is an art festival coming soon!. The Roanoke Sidewalk Art Fest on June 7 & 8. It's held on the streets of downtown Roanoke in front of the new art museum. The new museum is truly something to behold!! Hope you can visit. I'm in tent #16.

Thanks for stopping by and to bid on this painting CLICK HERE SOLD

Thursday, May 15, 2008


A few little cosmo's - last of the beauties this past fall. I took a couple of photo's then and just got around to painting this last week. My mom is a packrat that saves fabric, bed covers, tableclothes and more. This is from her stash. For purchase info click HERE.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


This little fella is really absorbed with the sand and his bucket. I'll bet he had a sunburn before the day ended. LOVE to paint the beach!!!!1 Enjoy. For purchase info on ebay click HERE.


The title is a dream for most of us. I still love to paint beaches, sunshine, wind, and little girls.

What do you think of the shell impressions I made on the right edge? They are really fun!

For purchase info on ebay click HERE.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


I call this technique "painted photo collage". I used a photo I made of one of my paintings. There is a long process of preparing the photo involved, then it's mounted on the canvas and painted over in areas and sometimes glazed then embellished with stamping or crackling or bits of paper or music and lots more stuff. (the original painting of apron is in the collection of a local hospital) It's a lot of fun. This is a pretty nostalgic piece. I'll bet any mother would like to have it. Just click HERE to make a bid!


What inspired this piece? I really like stripes (and dots) and I wanted to paint some lemons, si I felt this piece of fabric from Mom's stash would make a good background for the lemons. This week has been pretty productive as far as painting goes. The laundry and housework has piled up but I have finished two big pieces and started another. It isn't in my nature to paint very fast but I've really been pushing myself to go a little faster. I have a tendency to paint every leaf. These big pieces are intended for the upcoming Roanoke Sidewalk Art Festival. Anyway , if you want purchase info for the LEMONS on ebay click HERE.