Thursday, March 31, 2011

First BlueBird of 2011

Hey Friends, It has been cold and drizzly here in SW Virginia for days. No, for months ! I am way past ready for some spring like weather. So one way to keep your sanity is to pretend. Learned about this pretend stuff from my GrandDaughter while we play with Barbie Dolls. Adults have a tendency to forget about pretend and play. Barbie has a dozen friends to pretend with so it is good practice. Anyway, I was pretending like I saw this first BlueBird of 2011. It flew straight into my studio and sat on this silk tree limb for a couple of hours. Long enough for me to get a pretty good likeness and a couple of photos. Then she pulled out her hankie and said excuse me, I must be home before midnight ! I certainly enjoyed her visit and can't wait to tell Lillie. Happy Trails. ps-I have tried 3 times to make this post in paragraphs as I usually do. But it won't happen so I'm sorry it is so difficult to read . No relief for the eyes.

Monday, March 21, 2011

the Raven and Japan

Hey Friends, OK, here is my beautiful Raven and one messy small greenish blob. I'm always surprised how quick and easy these guys are to paint. Kinda like cows. I like the yellow background. I was shootin' for happy. Makes me happy!
Now this one is a happy painting too. I'm going to list it in the Daily Paintworks challenge. ALL the funds raised will go to help out in Japan. Isn't it wonderful they figured out how to set this up so quickly? David Marine is his name so go check out the site and buy something !!
Now what do ya think of this painting? You supposed to paint something that reminds you of home. These are the mountains here in SW Virginia and the Roanoke River. I painted it as if I were in the top of a very tall tree, looking over Greenhill Park, because that park is close to home. Obviously the rest is a good dream.
Happy Trails.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

the Raven and the Frogs

Hey Friends, A change in scedules at work gives me this oppurtunity to post here on my blog.

Coming home two nights ago there were lots of frogs on the road. They do this every year, I just don't remember it being so early-March! It had been an usually warm day so the road was still warm at 10 pm. I always drive real slow so I don't smash them but SOME people don't care. So the next morning I'm able to see the dead frogs and a couple of Ravens cleaning up the mess. I got a few photos.

So I scratched one of the beauties out on this 11x14. I just scanned the bird not the entire canvas. I'm thinking I want the background to be mostly yellow. Yellow is a happy color and you know these guys were really happy to find an easy, free breakfast. Yuck !

What would we do without the scavengers though. Have a beautiful Sunday.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Peacock Insecurity

Hey Friends, Well, I've looked at this Peacock for a couple of weeks and STILL can't decide if I like it. Hate it when I'm so wishy-washy. I like it when you can say YES or UGH.

The birds body looks a bit like "milt".? I think that's the way to spell it. Milt is the chunk of stuff in a newborn foals mouth to prevent fluids from reaching the lungs.

Otherwise It is a bright,colorful statement. And yeah, I went ahead and listed it on Etsy.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hey Friends, I've been really busy with the paints this week ! I don't know how many I've done or started. The busy bee's above and the fancy Dragon Fly below. I enjoyed painting the beads.
A lovely lady in Australia bought a painting from my Etsy store. So I pack it up the usual way and take it to the P.O. and the way I had it packed would have cost $35.00. So I brought it home and repacked. On my way back to the P.O. I decided to stop at the UPS store and see what their fee might be. After measuring and weighing, he said $169.64 !! $169.64.
I started laughing and he did too. This pkg. was ><>
I went on to the P.O. and mailed it for $15.00. Just thought you might enjoy that scenario.
Now I'm off to Etsy to list a painting or two.
Happy Trails.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art by Night @ Gallery 108, Roanoke, Va.

Hey Friends, Thinking you may like a glimpse of what has happened today on the Roanoke City Market. Not a whole lot until Art by Night started.
The featured artist is Martha Rhoades ! She has a beautiful show hung until the end of March.
I have shots of the work as a whole but you can't see much. So I'm showing the details of two pieces. Lots of texture with mixed media playing a big part.

There are two spot lights showing up here that I can't get rid of. I think it's titled "Gold Rush". Lots of texture with gold leaf. They are all gorgeous.

And some humor in the windows. See the construction cone? That's all you can really notice in downtown Roanoke right now.

I love this window. I think the celebration is starting early. How about that Queen?
Happy Trails.