Thursday, August 20, 2009

Original Painting of Raven-Details

Hey Friends, I think this post may turn out to be pretty funny. You know how you have a choice of putting your photos in the middle or on the left or right? Well, I've seen others put the image on the side and the verbage on the other side. Thought I'd give it a go. I clicked the left and you see what I got!! It's always a mystery how I do these things. I'll try to work around this.

Theimage above is just acrylic splattered with alcohol and then more acrylic layered on, transparent acrylic. And more alcohol. If the acrylic is somewhat dry, you get the tiny marks. Then in the corner I laid down a pink layer and swirled a comb through it.

The image on the left above is the limb the Raven is sitting on. Painted thinly or transparently. It has a watercolor look. The orange dots were placed with the brush handle. Obviously the other is the Raven's tail.

The images above are details of the beautiful birds features. The background was painted in blocks. Taped off, then paint was dripped and rolled with a brayer and alcohol, etc. in layers. I'm not doing so well with getting this verbage where I want it. HA! My daughter still needs to fix this thing. I'd love for it to be done before that Baby Boy arrives!!! Hint Hint!
I realize I didn't post the full image but I dare not go back and try to add something else. I'll just do that next time. It's more fun trying to put this puzzle together anyway.
Happy Trails.

RAVEN Original Painting Details

Hey Friends, I have a friend, Kelli, who lives in Alaska! She was curious about a couple of mypaintings, so I thought I would show her a few close ups. I thought maybe you would like to see also. This is a contemporary twist on the famous Raven. Ravens are so smart and good looking.
In this close up, you can see one section of the Real Gold Leaf and the Ravens tail feathers.

This close up shows a stamp I hand made from a sheet of foam. I like to make my own stamps.

Here is the famous nosy face.

This section just shows the effect you get by dragging things through the paint. Here I used a comb type thingy for decorating cakes! This style or technique is one of my very most favorite ways to create.
Tomorrow I will post another Raven, but right now I must get going to see my daughter in the hospital and take her some PB&J sandwiches.
Happy Trails!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey Friends, Just a quick note to tell you my youngest daughter has had a major relapse! She has been in the hospital since Aug.4th and needless to say we've been there too. Hopefully not many of youknow what a giant pain all this is. It is hard for doctors to figure out what the problem might be especially in the gastro tract.
Thanks to my friends for your encouraging comments and hope to have time soon to reply and maybe post another colorful painting.
Now I'm off to the hospital.
Happy Trails.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Expressionism or Impressionism?

Hey Friends, Got a new painting to show you. Actually this is only the top half (it's 24x8) cuz I don't yet know enough about Photoshop to correct the color difference where the two scans meet! I know, I shouldn't tell the world what a Dolt I am but as Popeye says " I yam what I yam." My newer ones are even more colorful. Going through a stage, which I've done before. I've been reading William Herring's book " A Horse of a different Color" for about the 12th time. Maybe that is why I'm going nuts with the color. He is an artist from Texas and this book is illustrated in black & white drawings so I'm not sure where the color fits in.
Happy Trails.