Friday, September 26, 2014

New Guy on Ebay and Bedford's Centerfest is tomorrow, Sat 27th

Hey Friends, I just added this silly little cocky rooster to my Ebay auctions.  He is painted on painted paper background with machine stitching on it. The auction starts tonight.

This painting above was done at the Evergreen Lavender Farm this summer.  I will have it at the Centerfest Festival tomorrow in Bedford, Va. along with others.
Hope you can stop in for a visit.
Happy Trails

Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Chick and Douthat State Park

Hey Friends, Another impression of a chicken.  Click HERE for Ebay.

And a few photos of the trip last week to Douthat State Park with my painting Buddies, the Double Line Painters.  We had a great time trying to decide where to paint.  There was a painting everywhere you looked.  The sun was a little contrary at times.

As usual, my acrylic paintings were too dark when I got them home.  I'm always amazed how much they darken (acrylics) but they dry so fast it makes it so much easier to get them home.  I've been trying to adjust for 2 years now and still haven't gotten it right.  The one above is OIL.

These are all acrylics.  I've already worked on the 2 smaller dark ones to lighten them.  And now I must work on the biggest one to the left.
I suppose the answer is to get a couple boxes that are made for transporting wet oils.  Leave the acrylics at home and/or keep practicing with the acrylics on paper.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lynchburg Art Festival was Great

Hey Friends,  Just a quick note to let you know the 42nd Lynchburg Art Festival This past Saturday was great as usual.  The show was switched to Sunday because of the rain so the crowd was a bit smaller than usual.  Thanks to all.
The chicken above, or maybe it's a rooster.  I forget.  IT is up for auction on Ebay...HERE.
It doesn't go live until 9pm Eastern Time or 6pm California time.
I got a sunburn.
Happy Trails Travel Well

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's HERE Again !

Hey Friends,  I have been busy prepping new work for the 42nd Lynchburg Art Festival !
The lavender piece above will be there, waiting for YOU.
I'm hoping you can make out to EC Glass High School for the best little art festival around.
We artists love it for the easy set up but most of all because the collectors in this area are so warm, generous and apprectiative of our work !
Hoping the weather is kind to us Saturday.  They will reschedule for Sunday if it appears Saturday is NO good.
Happy Trails

Monday, September 1, 2014

Day One

Hey Friends,  I've blown it already haven't I?  That's OK, there are NO mistakes or rules with this challenge.  I will try to do some stuff that's way off for me but sometimes LIFE just won't cooperate.
That's when you make lemonade.
Click to EBAY.
Happy Trails