Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art Shows in Roanoke and Bedford, Va.

Hello Friends,  Busy time of the year for us, the Double Line Painters.  We have divided to conquer both of the local art shows for this area.   Some of us will be at the SAS, Sidewalk Art Show, on the streets of downtown Roanoke, Va., June 1 and 2.
Some of us will be at the newer show at the Sedalia Center in Bedford, Va.  This new show is very promising and something all of us wish we could do.  But I'm being cautious, sticking with the old for now.
This is a beautiful place to hold an art show, reminds me of the Crozet festivals in Va.

Hope to see lots of you there and please tell us if you read any of our blogs.

Happy Trails
Travel Well

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Wren Babies

Hey Friends,  Just to share the beautiful little baby wrens trying to leave home !  Their Mom builds a nest every year in one of my Mom's begonia plants.  Some times a hanging begonia but sometimes in a potted begonia.   They pick such odd places to call home.   We have at least 6 bird houses out there for them, but no......... They want to be in the middle of everyday life.  And that would be wonderful but they fuss and scold if you get near their babes.   Scheeeeeeez..........
 This brood was four babes.  And of course they couldn't fly yet so they were stuck in between all the pots in the green house.  And the parents were flitting here and there,  raising a ruckus,  almost dive bombing me.
 This was the first to break free and go hopping across the yard and through the fence into My Field.  Never saw it again so I'm pretending the parents got it to fly before it got dark.
This little guy was the last to leave on his own.   So Cute.
And this little guy was captured by my Mom and thrown out the window !!!    Can you believe she did that?
The parents were happy she did that, they got him going in no time.  I'm hoping they all made it, safely to the tree tops.   Life is hard when you are this tiny.

Have a happy Memorial Day
Travel Well

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"D" is for Dachshund

Hey friends,  Do ya think I could get any slower? !  Everytime I'm amazed how long it's been since my last post.  I really don't see how other artists do a post everyday........Every day mind you !!

"D" could have been DOG but these little weiner dogs are so cute, couldn't resist.  I've always wanted one, and I'll have one before long.
Anyway, this dog is in my Etsy shop.  I'll send along a little info about 3 shows I'm participating in very soon.  In fact they ALL  happen next weekend, the 1st and 2nd of June !!  Whew what a job - Will I be ready ?

Happy Trails
Travel Well

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"C" is for Cat

Hey Friends,  Here is the C.  Now did you think I'd  pick Camel ? or Color? or........Nay, just the common old ordinary kat.  We have a black rescue kat, Miss Kitty (remember Gunsmoke?) and she threatened the youngest grand child if I didn't pick Cat !  Up 'til now she's been an ordinary, common ole Kat.

I'm enjoying these little pictures but I really need to move on to something bigger for the Taubman's Sidewalk Art Show.......it'll be here before I know it.

Happy Trails
Travel Well

"B" is for Bee's

Hey Friends  I deleted the last post about this painting "B" because I was trying to resize my images on blogger.  I got my instructions from Karen Marquilas, she is a pastelist and I love her blog but her instructions just will not work for me.   So if any one out there in this gigantic cyber world knows how to do this, please forword your instructions.  Maybe they will work for me.

I posted a week or two ago about this new series of collage paintings, using pages from an old dictionary I found at Goodwill.   Of course for me 'cuz I love painting Bee's anyway, B had to be BEE !  I printed some of my images on Sumi paper because it is translucent so a tad of the printed page can show through.

The canvas is gallery wrapped and initially painted my fav color, turquoise, before gelling the B page down.  I let that dry then apply a coat of off-white randomly, mostly using my hand.  Then I start gelling down bits of sumi printed images and cutouts.  I love to use the old timey paper doll cutouts, such as you see the bee's connected on the right side.  I emphasized these with marker lines.

When all is dry I varnish and finish the back and add the hanger, then it goes into my ETSY shop.

Happy Trails
Travel Well

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beautiful Saturday on the Porch

 Hey Friends,  I wish you could have been there with us.  Ikenberry's retail store on Rt. 220 in Botetourt county has a wonderful huge porch with rocking chairs with cushions.  A fabulous place to sit and laugh with your friends and chat with art lovers.   We had quite a few people to browse and chat.
 True, most did not come for the art, they were after Ikenberry's beautiful greenhouse plants, such as the Ivy geranium above.  BUT, they did come over and look and chat, so we (the women of DLP's) are encouraged that this will grow into a show to benefit not only us and Ikenberry's but the FFA (Future Farmers of America) at Lord Botetourt High School.
Judy made this sign to display our intentions.  So if you will forward this blog post to all your friends, you will help us build this venue that ultimately will benefit our farmers.

Another shot of the art panels on the huge porch.  Inside this store is a big selection of candy, hand made bread stuff, hand made jellys and preserves and seeds and soaps and much more.
An antique cart right outside of a green house with a few of their beautiful plants on display.  I bought a Dragon Begonia, Lobelia, Blue Salvia,Creeping Zinna and Snapdragons.   All are gorgeous.

Happy Trails
Travel Well

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Art at Ikenberry Orchard

Hey Friends,  Just in case you haven't heard, the Double Line Painters will be at the http://www.ikenberryorchards.com/index.php Orchard retail store on Rt.220 in the Daleville area today.    We will set up on their big porch and display our work and paint some too, if the wind isn't too strong.  Click on the link above for directions.

Hope to see you there.  

Happy Trails
Travel Well