Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"B" is for Bee's

Hey Friends  I deleted the last post about this painting "B" because I was trying to resize my images on blogger.  I got my instructions from Karen Marquilas, she is a pastelist and I love her blog but her instructions just will not work for me.   So if any one out there in this gigantic cyber world knows how to do this, please forword your instructions.  Maybe they will work for me.

I posted a week or two ago about this new series of collage paintings, using pages from an old dictionary I found at Goodwill.   Of course for me 'cuz I love painting Bee's anyway, B had to be BEE !  I printed some of my images on Sumi paper because it is translucent so a tad of the printed page can show through.

The canvas is gallery wrapped and initially painted my fav color, turquoise, before gelling the B page down.  I let that dry then apply a coat of off-white randomly, mostly using my hand.  Then I start gelling down bits of sumi printed images and cutouts.  I love to use the old timey paper doll cutouts, such as you see the bee's connected on the right side.  I emphasized these with marker lines.

When all is dry I varnish and finish the back and add the hanger, then it goes into my ETSY shop.

Happy Trails
Travel Well


Star said...

Love your pages! Sorry I haven't seen your art sooner. I haven't even been on my Blog in a long time. Parts of seem to be missing so I need to take time to get it back up and going. Anyway, love your dictionary pages; of course now that gives me another idea, as if I don't have enough books with different things already! HA!

Star said...
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