Thursday, March 30, 2017

ROADBLOCK - Original Abstract Painting

Hey Friends,  Tell me what you think of this one?  I painted it last fall, late 2016. One of my first experiments with Bob Burridge's color wheel.  He has some informative video's on YouTube about his wheel.

This is a detail shot that hopefully you can see the textures.  Made with a cake decorating tool.  A few splatters too.

This is listed for sale at my website HERE.
And you can get prints, canvas or paper, at FAA HERE.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

TWINKLE TWINKLE - Original Landscape Painting

Hey Friends,  This Painting was created because I wanted to put that beautiful cloud on canvas.  I enjoy storms and all their drama probably because I've never been hurt by one

And I wanted to add a little whimsy here by using some paper with verbage on it. This paper has the little song on it. Twinkle Little Star.  I know it doesn't have anything to do with a storm but storms do happen a lot, late in the day, and then the moon and stars come out.
Whether you are a storm lover or hater, this would look good hanging on your wall. 

Check it out on my website HERE.
Or check out the prints on FAA HERE

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

the GIVEAWAY !!!

Hey Friends,  Spent the weekend at the Home Builders Show at the Salem Civic Center.  We had lots of people to come through and chat.  And right outside our gallery was the Animal Rescue group from Daleville I think.  The 2 precious little blondes above and two others were adopted!!  YaY!!

And this Cutie Pie called Amelia, did me the honor of pulling a name out of the bucket for the giveaway.  The farm painting that you see in the photo now belongs to a gentleman in Covington, Va. I will be mailing it soon.
I picked up a stomach bug at this venue so haven't been to the post office yet.

Hoping you all have a fab week.
Happy Trails

Monday, March 27, 2017

THE JOY OF RECEIVING - Original Mixed Media Painting

Started off with a shot on the angle again so you can see the flexible modeling paste without paint on it.

Here is the first cool gray layer.

Some white paint rubbed on.

Some painted papers added next.

Lots of paint layers in the red flowers, which to me look like old fashioned thorny roses.  Some of the dark reds smeared on with fingers and greens too.
Bright, lively, fresh take on a still life.
Varnished and ready to hang.  You could purchase over at my website HERE.
You can find gifts such as mugs and totes at my FAA shop HERE.

Enjoy your week !
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Friday, March 24, 2017

HONEYCOMB - Original Floral and Bee Painting

Hey Friends,  This painting is 16" x 20" canvas that was a pleasure to do.

This shot shows the texture I made with a stencil and modeling paste at the beginning.

This shows how well the transparent brown oxide paint makes the honeycomb show up.

Laid some large pieces of painted papers down.  Wish I had taken a close up of the paper, they are so pretty.

Incorporated some marks and smeared paints with fingers.

Here is the finish with the busy little bees added and a varnish.  It is ready to hang.
You can purchase at my website HERE.
You will find prints, totes etc, at FAA HERE.

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

FRACKING - Original Expressive Abstracted Landscape Painting

Hey Friends, Started out on a surface that already had some color on it.

First time I remembered to stop and take a photo.

Love the textures here.

Adding colors and making decisions.

I think the cloud line is finished.

I added the dark piece of deli paper in the upper left corner with tape.  Decided I liked that.

All the little touches are done and I love it.  My statement about the idiots that have too much money but are still so greedy they want land that doesn't belong to them.  And will TAKE it because this government will let them.

Available for purchase at my website HERE.

Prints, T-shirts and more at FAA HERE.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

BASED ON TRUE EVENTS - Original Mixed Media Abstract Painting

I took this photo at a sideways angle because I think you can see the textures better.  I enjoy playing with the gesso and modeling paste as much as the real paint and papers.

Hung some papers with bits of tape, looking for an arrangement of shapes.  No sketch this time. Flying free and low.

As usual, I get wrapped up in the joy of creation and forget to take photos !  So here is the abrupt END !  Honestly did not intend for this patriotic color scheme to take over but this is what he seemed to want.  And these are the true events 
leading up to this finish.

Listed in my website HERE.
Listed in my print shop HERE.

Hope you are having as much fun as I am this winter.

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Friday, March 17, 2017


Three accomplished artists, Karen Carter, Sue Furrow and Margaret Sue Turner Wright, all mostly self taught, have teamed up to present, The Parlor Art Gallery at the Spring Home Show with original artworks for the home in mind. The Artists also offer free in home consultation, by appointment, presenting the thought of Art for the Home designed by color trends, emotional value, inspiration or beauty for the sake of beauty.

The Spring Home Show is sponsored by the Roanoke Regional Home Builders Association, March 24, 25 26, at the Salem Civic Center.

Hey Friends, that is the official press release for this art show at the Salem Civic Center next weekend.

Hope you can make it.  And register for a free prize.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

COMPASS OF WINDS - New Original Abstract Art

Hey Friends,  Another one of my first experiments into Abstract Art.

The first layer of color.  Some napthol, cadmium and aliziran.

The various papers are glued down.  This is a cruciform design again.  It is very easy to work with.

I prefer to paint my name instead of using a sharpie.

A closeup of the papers. a couple were made by me and a few I found in a scrap book.

This is available in my website at FASO.  Prints and more at FAA.

Happy Trails

Sunday, March 12, 2017

COMPLICATED FROM BIRTH - Original Abstract Art

Hey Friends,   A few photos of the process I can go through when  making a new piece of art.  Majority of the time I start with a sketch.

Putting down the base layer.

Already added more base colors with grays.  Now starting with some lavenders.

Some burnt umbers and whites.

Just about finished.  A few accent colors with swirly marks.
Don't remember where the title came from but I think I was reviewing the conversation I had with my sister about her sons or daughter.  They have been Hi-Maintenance, complicated from birth.

Threw this shot in at the last minute.  I like showing a painting within a room.  Now I need to learn how to make them throw a shadow.

View and purchase on my website FASO or buy a shower curtain or pillow at FAA.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

BROKEN WORDS - A Large Original Expressive Painting

Hey Friends,  Another expression from my sub conscience.  Symbolic of the pains we all go through in our short little lives.  Lots of words are spoken, as promises or threats, to keep us in line.  Rarely spoken from a true heart
It can hurt.  But if you wait just a little bit, a new dawn will shed new light.
You will see a new path, if your eyes are open.
Sometimes my brain surprises even me with all this melancholy or would you call it BS?!

Anyway, Hard or Easy, LIFE is GOOD.

You can purchase at my website, www.suefurrow 
maybe you prefer a pillow or T-shirt at FAA.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

BRAND NEW VISION - Original Abstract Art Painting

Hey Friends,  Making your way through this week , happily?
 Hoping for some warmer weather so I can get outside to paint.  This year I want to try making collages outside.  I know, if it's windy what do I do?  Probably sit in the car or find a bunch of rocks.  HehHeh, Can't wait.

So this piece of my brain got it's title from my desire to try NEW painting styles.  I have always been pretty realistic and after 25 years, I just feel the need to do differently.  Hope it lasts for years, because it is so much fun.  Sometimes it is a bit taxing but I believe it may be a good way to defeat Alzhimers and a host of other elderly problems.  Although I'm still a spring chicken, it doesn't hurt to start early.
This piece is varnished and ready to hang and for purchase at my website, HERE,  FREE shipping in the continental US.
Nice, good quality reproductions are available at FAA, HERE.

Happy Trails

Monday, March 6, 2017

FOOLS GOLD Original Artwork Set of Three

Hey Friends,  I think I may have posted this before but I think it was just a peak.  Now you can see all 3 even though the photo sucks of the 2 smaller 6" of the set.

You can hang on one wall with the 2 smaller on one side, or the 2 smaller on the bottom or top.  And you can hang the bigger alone and the 2 smaller on a shelf.

Here is my website and here is my shop on FAA.

Happy Trails