Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow in the East

Hey Friends, We-e-e-l-l-l-l---, I've done it again ! ! ! I'm the worst blogger on planet earth. I'm amazed how time is flying. I'm amazed it's been over a month since I blogged or even visited here. Like all of you, I'm so busy being busy or maybe being busy fretting about every little thing ! !
I have been really busy painting too! The Gift of Art show and sale has come and gone. I've been delivering small pieces to galleries and hanging works in a rotating gallery for the League of Roanoke Artists.
Now we have to contend with over a foot of snow !! I live off the main path (compared to most people) in the mountains of SW Va. Our driveway is a winding, little gravel path that goes up a very steep little cliff. So you know I'll be a few days getting out of here.
And the photo above is a real yardstick, stuck in real snow, in the front yard ! ! !
Hope all of you are safe and warm.
Happy Trails.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hey Friends, A quick note to let you know my daughter, Jessi and I went to the Floyd Artist Assoc. in downtown Floyd, Va. today. It was a beautiful drive and in case you haven't been on Rt. 221 that takes you to Floyd, it is a very curvy little road, a bit narrow in spots, therefore I didn't take any photos of this beautiful countryside to show you. I will try when I go back to pick up. This assoc. is housed in a very nice little building but the signage is very small so you are going to have to hunt for it. Then go across the street to the Country Store and you will find almost anything you want!
Happy Trails

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hey Friends, I wanted to pass along a couple of blogs I was reading earlier today BUT who wants to look at a blog post without an image? I prefer beautiful images and all I could come up with is THIS!! His Great Granny is holding him and he's hungry and not too keen on binkys.

Anyway - I was reading Carol Marine's blog and she had a link to an artist called Sharon Williams, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I think she's fantastic and thought you might agree.

Another blog I subscribe to is Casey Klahn's. He won an award at the Sausalito Art Fair and then makes a post to tell us Wanna Be's how to Paint for a First Place or a Best in Show. Very much worth your reading time. That's it tonight.
Happy Trails.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Third Place in Acrylics !

Hey Friends, Just wanted to toot my own horn a bit. Today the LRA had their annual awards reception at the Jefferson Center. Ted Batt, curator for the Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, was the juror. Nearly everything he choose was contemporary, or edgy, or experimental. Not much on realism, it seemed to me. So after looking at all the award winners, I'm a little surprised he choose one of mine. If I hadn't used the Masa Paper and all the imprinting, texture techniques, I doubt he would have noticed mine.
The Heron is rendered very realistically but the fun part was adding the rice paper and building up all the textures. A lot of contemplation.
Now I wish I had taken the time to photograph all the winners. There was some really good work in this show. I always enjoy their company.
I think the LRA will post some photos so check them out in the next week or so.
And it was confirmed the "Gift of Art" will happen on Dec. 5th at the Jefferson Center.
Happy Trails.

PS-Went straight from work-thats why I LOOK like a nurse.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hey Friends, A quick note, you may find interesting. This is what I did this morning as soon as I got to my REAL job. Christine modeled the NEW "Skecher Shape Up" shoes so I could show what everyone has been clamoring for the past 2 months. They claim to improve a lot of stuff, like your posture and cellulite and back, etc. I don't know but I can say they feel really good! They are extra cush-y and you can rock while standing. They are extra ugly but because they feel so good, you can ignore the ugly.
I also thought you might like to know what I'm doing when I'm not painting. I work for "SUPER SHOES" here in Roanoke, Va. A GREAT place to work, if ya gotta. Great co-workers and the BEST manager in the chain. AND I must say our customers are as good as they get! I have met a lot of characters, that I really like, on my job.
So, there you have it. My life in a nutshell.
Happy Trails.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hey Friends, Well, I finally made up my mind. I added the blue stripes to the tablecloth!
I think it added the missing something. Scroll down, peek at the last image of this, and tell me what you think. It is not varnished yet so I COULD change it.
I've been real busy last couple days, doing miniatures for the Christmas show on Dec. 5th. It's called the "Gift of Art"! Get it? This year it will take place at the Jefferson Center, downtown area of Roanoke, Va. I will be showing small paintings and miniatures. Stuff people can afford to give as gifts.
BTW-I got an email tonight from the LRA telling me I won an award in the annual SHOWCASE of ART! No, they didn't tell me which award. I should find out Sunday. The awards ceremony is 2-4 Sunday, Sept. 27th at the Jefferson Center. Hope you can be there.
Happy Trails.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lamp Shade

Hey Friends, I told Kathleen Krucoff last week I would show her a lamp shade I made using Masa Rice Paper. Thought you might like to see it also.
A few years ago I ordered some Waxed Rice Paper just out of curiosity. Once I had it, just couldn't figure out how to use it in my art because it wouldn't stick to any surface using acrylic matte medium. So when I was redecorating a bedroom, I couldn't find a lamp shade for a floor lamp I had. Ta-Dah! I crumpled the waxy Masa, as usual. Spread it on some plastic and dumped liquid acrylics on it. When dry, I cut the shape out and glued with hot glue to the frame and added the beads, etc.
Here is the close up of the texture. It is an illusion because the paper is very smooth and flat. I love this paper! I've always wanted to wallpaper a small space with it. Can you imagine that?
Happy Trails.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Hey Friends, Added details mostly. Dosen't seem finished to me. My brain keeps wanting to add color to the table cloth. Blue or yellow? I love blue and white stripes. Is that the answer? I'll wait to see if anyone has an opinion. Be back tonight!
Happy Trails.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Painting in Progress on Masa Rice Paper

Hey Friends, Decided to run with this post about the Masa Paper I showed in the previous post. In the image above I lightly indicated with blue watercolor pencil where the blossoms and vase go.
This image I started adding the darker areas and the first pass on the flowers.

Here is a close-up of the vase area. Do you see the batik-E texture still showing ?

Another layer of the darker color in the background and worked on the glass vase. Added the shadows from the flowers.
Another close-up of the vase area. I'll continue to post the layers of paint as I add them. I'm sure you have already gathered that I'm using the acrylics like watercolors. Keeping them as transparent as possible so the beautiful rice paper can shine.
Happy Trails.

Monday, September 14, 2009

MASA RICE PAPER-What's underneath

Hey Friends, Just a little random tidbit of interest - maybe. I scanned the above canvas which has Masa Rice Paper on it so you could see what the paper looks like before Painting on it. I had to make 2 scans and photomerge them in Photoshop. Too big for my scanner in one pass. Since it's too big the canvas doesn't lay flat on the glass and you wind up w/ that shadow on the left. Now maybe you've heard how much I hate Vista on this new computer, therefore I will not do any more experimenting until it's gone. Meaning, I won't take a crack at fixing that shadow.
The Masa paper has a wonderful batik-e look that I really enjoy painting on. You should get a sheet and PLAY! Daniel Smith Art Supplies sells it by the roll or sheets.
Also wanted you to see this paper before painting on it because I just finished a couple small paintings that started w/ this paper and I totally ruined them. The paper was wasted!!
I'll post them next time.
Happy Trails.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey Friends, I did it!!!! I goggled "how to make screen shot" and it gave me some directions for doing this in Vista. (I hate Vista) After doing screen shots about 7 times and saving in Paint, then cropping and rotating and photo-merging in Photoshop - the shot above is what I came up with. Whew. What a hassle. Still don't know how to get a full article in one screen shot. Kathy Reed, over at Design Style Guide, included my painting Monday Laundry in her treasury. I've had my paintings included in several treasuries but I've never been able to show you until now. Thank you, Kathy! Now I shall ask Google how to screen shot a full article and see if its do able in Vista.
Happy Trails.

Monday, September 7, 2009

FRIENDSHIP Original Painted Collage 6x6

Hey Friends, Hope you are having a Great Labor-Free Day! My work place closed early so I had the time to post this little girl on Etsy. I included a close up of the bottom edge so you could see the mini-dragonflies. It's just a thick layer of acrylic gel with the impressions of dragonfly and the actual DF embedded.
Have a wonderful week!
Happy Trails.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

LA Series #3 Original Alla Prima Painting

Hey Friends, I just added this to my Etsy Shop. This is the third in the LA series. Soon I'll have to start an NR series!! After the handsome fella in the post below.
This is a close up of the model looking for stones to skip across the brook/creek/stream?
Happy Trails.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sept.4,2009 NEW GRANDSON

Hey Friends, Big news of the Day/Year!!! NICOLAS IS HERE!!! He is healthy and beautiful. He weighed in at 8 and a half lbs. and 19"long. He seems to be a content baby also.
And here is his very Happy Sister. She couldn't wait for him to arrive so she could hold him!
Needless to say it's been an extra busy year for everyone. Now that Nicky is here and Jessi is home maybe things will quiet down for a while. I've got a small solo show coming up first of Oct. and I've got stuff to do!!!!
Happy Trails.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Original Painting of Raven-Details

Hey Friends, I think this post may turn out to be pretty funny. You know how you have a choice of putting your photos in the middle or on the left or right? Well, I've seen others put the image on the side and the verbage on the other side. Thought I'd give it a go. I clicked the left and you see what I got!! It's always a mystery how I do these things. I'll try to work around this.

Theimage above is just acrylic splattered with alcohol and then more acrylic layered on, transparent acrylic. And more alcohol. If the acrylic is somewhat dry, you get the tiny marks. Then in the corner I laid down a pink layer and swirled a comb through it.

The image on the left above is the limb the Raven is sitting on. Painted thinly or transparently. It has a watercolor look. The orange dots were placed with the brush handle. Obviously the other is the Raven's tail.

The images above are details of the beautiful birds features. The background was painted in blocks. Taped off, then paint was dripped and rolled with a brayer and alcohol, etc. in layers. I'm not doing so well with getting this verbage where I want it. HA! My daughter still needs to fix this thing. I'd love for it to be done before that Baby Boy arrives!!! Hint Hint!
I realize I didn't post the full image but I dare not go back and try to add something else. I'll just do that next time. It's more fun trying to put this puzzle together anyway.
Happy Trails.

RAVEN Original Painting Details

Hey Friends, I have a friend, Kelli, who lives in Alaska! She was curious about a couple of mypaintings, so I thought I would show her a few close ups. I thought maybe you would like to see also. This is a contemporary twist on the famous Raven. Ravens are so smart and good looking.
In this close up, you can see one section of the Real Gold Leaf and the Ravens tail feathers.

This close up shows a stamp I hand made from a sheet of foam. I like to make my own stamps.

Here is the famous nosy face.

This section just shows the effect you get by dragging things through the paint. Here I used a comb type thingy for decorating cakes! This style or technique is one of my very most favorite ways to create.
Tomorrow I will post another Raven, but right now I must get going to see my daughter in the hospital and take her some PB&J sandwiches.
Happy Trails!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hey Friends, Just a quick note to tell you my youngest daughter has had a major relapse! She has been in the hospital since Aug.4th and needless to say we've been there too. Hopefully not many of youknow what a giant pain all this is. It is hard for doctors to figure out what the problem might be especially in the gastro tract.
Thanks to my friends for your encouraging comments and hope to have time soon to reply and maybe post another colorful painting.
Now I'm off to the hospital.
Happy Trails.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Expressionism or Impressionism?

Hey Friends, Got a new painting to show you. Actually this is only the top half (it's 24x8) cuz I don't yet know enough about Photoshop to correct the color difference where the two scans meet! I know, I shouldn't tell the world what a Dolt I am but as Popeye says " I yam what I yam." My newer ones are even more colorful. Going through a stage, which I've done before. I've been reading William Herring's book " A Horse of a different Color" for about the 12th time. Maybe that is why I'm going nuts with the color. He is an artist from Texas and this book is illustrated in black & white drawings so I'm not sure where the color fits in.
Happy Trails.

Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey Friends, Good to be back! My computer died and I have a NEW Dell. Shiny black and Fast! I'm having trouble with this blogpost though. The pictures uploading fine but I can't click with the mouse to put that little blinky thing whereever I want to type! Exasparating.
This is a quik note to let you know I haven't died yet and what I've been doing besides painting (which I've done a lot of). The skys here in SW Va. have been gorgeous this summer and I've carried the camera around clicking as I drive!! The nighttime temps have been chilly too, good for sleeping but the tomatoes aren't happy. And of course following the little flying Angel around with the camera! She's a ham.
With the old computer, I could click between the photos and type, now I can't. And I always forget the photos upload in a backwards order.
Tomorrow I'll show some new paintings. My world has been pretty colorful!! hope yours has been too. Must be off to work.
Happy Trails.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

2nd HELPINGS (formerly Art on a Mission)

Hey Friends, A message for all the locals. Local to Roanoke/Salem area. I'm really happy to tell you the Rescue Mission has finally gotten their new space ready to open!!!!! Their gallery used to be in the Tanglewood Mall next to Penneys. They have been closed since March. Hopefully, you can read the postcard/invitation above to find their new home. This bldg. used to be Sears, a really long time ago. Not far from the intersection of Williamson Rd. and Orange Ave.(460) next to the Roa. Civic Center, which is right off I581. It is real easy to find and lots of parking-close by. It appears there will be live music! Hope you can be there. I'm busy getting some new work framed or ready for hanging. I always have to scan or photograph everything and thats such a chore. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you Dads.
Happy Trails!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey Friends, Boy - was I shocked when I checked my blog this morning! I hadn't posted in a MONTH! It's hard to realize how fast days go by - how fast LIFE is going by!
Anyway, I've got a few pictures from the annual art show in downtown Roanoke, Va. Above is me, myself, and the love of my life-Lillie! She brought her mom to the show just to see her TuTu. The only thing that impressed her was a bag of rubber bands.
Here is a shot looking north at the famous Roanoke City Market Bldg. I had a great spot on this tiny street, almost in front of the now famous Taubman Museum!

Here is a shot looking south with the famous Hotel Roanoke in the background. A gorgeous old hotel you should visit next time you're in Roanoke.
The show this year was wonderful for me. The weather was heavenly and the crowd was large. I sold more artwork this year than in several previous years. Who would have ever guessed. I'm still not up to snuff on this here Internet thingy but I'm afraid it's all my fault. I honestly don't have the time to fumble with it enough to promote myself. My youngest daughter, my baby named Jessi (she's the one thats been so sick) is trying to help me out a bit, while looking for a job. She has some time on her hands at the moment, thank goodness.
I'm thinking about giving Bon Air (in Richmond) another try this fall. Maybe. A lady in my Va. group within Design Style Guide is from Richmond so I'll have to ask her.
I'll be back soon with some new artwork. I have been painting a lot which is a great thing, almost as good as eating ice cream.
Happy Trails.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Hey Friends, I just wanted to post a couple of links I found on Casey Klahn's blog (the Colorist). The first is about writing better blogs, nothing earth shaking but worth reading. The second is just plain funny - about ALIENS. I'm sure we should all be making ourselves a hat.

Happy Trails.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Hey Friends, Boy - How time flys! Sorry to be absent so long. Since going to UVA with my sick baby and her Dad, I've been either baby-sitting my precious grand daughter or working in the yard. Not to mention taking the day off for Mothers Day to be with my girls. All this worry about my daughter has been a real blog killer. The only time I wasn't feeling stressed was when I was digging holes for trees. (and at my age and physical no-condition it was a job just to keep from passing out!!!) Now to finish this story - my daughter is going to be OK - I feel sure of it! She was finally able to get a prescription from Canada for her stomach (will be here soon) and the other issues are finally being addressed. The medical world is slower than any sloth you ever saw on TV. It's truly a wonder anyone makes it out of a hospital.
I've got one street festival to do on May 30 & 31, so I'll be busy for the next few days.
I notice several new followers on my blog, so I'm going to say Hi to them.
I'll be back soon!
Happy Trails.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Water Can with Flowers

Hey Friends, Wanted to show you this painting I just finished. It's one of my fav's. I love watering cans and have several. I think they make a lovely container for a flower painting. What say you? I like the metal cans, even when they are rusty.

For the life of me I can't remember the name of the flower in the can. I know it doesn't matter, but it bugs me when I can't remember a detail. I'm thinking I want to paint this in a larger size. It would be ready for a local show first part of May. Do you think this would be a good gift for Mothers Day or a gardener's birthday? I had better get out to the studio and slap some paint around.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Hey Friends, Thought I would come back and show you what I learned today! My daughter, the computer master, was here today and showed me how to get this partial screen shot from Word into Photoshop, etc,etc. I believe to get a full screen shot I would have to do this twice-top&bottom and then do a photomerge. She is REALLY good with computers and understands what the artsy-fartsy types want or need. Check out her work at my website - She did it all - you should see all that code behind each page, each photo.
PS: NO it is not clickable-maybe in time. My work is the lady bent over cutting flowers.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hey Friends, Short note to tell you I have been lucky enough to be included in several Treasuries lately. Treasury on Etsy is a group of shops chosen by a person, a curator, and grouped into one screen shot so the world can see this curators favorites or maybe its a reflection of their taste. Anyway, I think it's an honor to be chosen. AND someday soon I hope to learn how I can post these treasuries on this blog. I did learn how to capture a screen shot and save it in my Word thingy. Just haven't figured out how to click it and upload to Blogger.

One treasury is here and one is here. And Kathleen and Mysticsilks also posted treasuries with my work in them but they have expired. So just click on their name to visit their Etsy Shop.

Happy Trails.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Gum Springs-the Glow of a Million Red Buds

Hey Friends, A couple weeks ago I posted some photos I took on a short walk down our little country road along Gum Springs. I did finally get around to painting from them. At the time I was painting, the Red Bud trees were in full bloom. That's where the title came from. The little buds have fallen now and the little green leaves are emerging. In the photo below it is hard to visulize all the shades of green and the glow from a Bazillion Red Buds when the sun is setting. Just trust me - That's what it looks like

I painted another from the same area that I will post later. I only have 2 shows scheduled for this year, thus far. And it's a darn good thing 'cuz I'm not sure I'll be ready for these. The first is in a couple weeks and the second is the end of May. Boy, I better get with it.

Happy Trails.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hey Friends, Thought I would show you what I finished up about a week ago. Just got them back from being scanned and giclees made. I put the back covers and hanging wires on them today. Now they are ready to be delivered!

I made 3. This, of course, is the bumblebee and there is a dragonfly and a butterfly. These are for a boy named JOSH. For his room. He gets pretty excited about Bee's. Probably because of all the screaming and running and slapping that goes on when a Bee arrives.

At the bottom, within the hearts, are words. Words that I hope will inspire lots of actions, such as day dreams or hugs or kisses or kindness. I'm disappointed the words don't show up better. Maybe I will go back and try to blow them up some more. Maybe. Click on maybe if you want to see all 3 of them.
Happy Trails.