Friday, July 31, 2009


Hey Friends, Good to be back! My computer died and I have a NEW Dell. Shiny black and Fast! I'm having trouble with this blogpost though. The pictures uploading fine but I can't click with the mouse to put that little blinky thing whereever I want to type! Exasparating.
This is a quik note to let you know I haven't died yet and what I've been doing besides painting (which I've done a lot of). The skys here in SW Va. have been gorgeous this summer and I've carried the camera around clicking as I drive!! The nighttime temps have been chilly too, good for sleeping but the tomatoes aren't happy. And of course following the little flying Angel around with the camera! She's a ham.
With the old computer, I could click between the photos and type, now I can't. And I always forget the photos upload in a backwards order.
Tomorrow I'll show some new paintings. My world has been pretty colorful!! hope yours has been too. Must be off to work.
Happy Trails.


Hollyrocks said...

Wow, those ARE some gorgeous skies! I'm sorry to hear that the weather isn't so nice in your neighborhood. It was insanely hot down here in Oklahoma at the beginning of the summer, but it's cooling off a little now. I can't wait to see the new paintings!

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