Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Work and New Shows

 Well Howdy Friends,  It has been far too long since last post but I've probably already burned your ears about my computer problems.  Now I have the new Windows 8 and new mouse and everything seems to be working fine except for Mozilla Firefox.  Blogging is easier in Firefox but it won't let me, says I need to enable cookies.  Blah...Blah...
 I've had a great summer and feel like crying 'cuz it's coming to an end.  My babes are back in school so I've had some time in the studio.  Love to paint.  Top photo is the beginning of a commission.  I started on Masa Rice Paper.   This was gelled onto an ampersand painting box (like gallery wrapped canvas but made of wood and gessoed)
 Here is the deep sides covered with more Masa and lots of water bubbles.  I positively love the way it turned out and want to do something similar.   I can visualize leaves around the sides too.  I've got several new ones to post here in next few days.  Please come back with your cup of coffee and visit.

Here is a hint of a couple new shows I'm participating in with the Double Line Painters.  A group of six women that just love to paint..  Both shows are in October so I will remind you again.  For now pencil in on your calendar, Sept. 14th at EC Glass High School grounds in Lynchburg, Va.  I should be getting the postcards for that show this week.  It is sponsored by the Lynchburg Art Club and is my favorite local show.  Hope you can come by, visit and take a piece of inspiration home.
Happy Trails
Travel Well