Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wild Phlox

Hey Friends, I just added this little painting to the Daily Paintworks Shop.  It is 5"x5" canvas panel.
And it is really better looking in person.  And I used my scanner which usually makes such good copies.  Seems a little fuzzy to me.  I should try it again and compare.  Maybe I've accidently changed something on my scanner.
This auction will start tomorrow the 26th .  Click on that DPW emblem there on the right.

Happy Trails Travel Well

Monday, September 24, 2012

Reminder - Art on the Asphalt

 Hey Friends,  A quick post to remind everyone about the art show this Saturday, the 29th of Sept.  In the parking lot of Budd&Co. on Jefferson St. in downtown Roanoke, Va.  This is the heart of DT Roanoke and sponsored by Signature 9 Gallery.  A beautiful upscale gallery with the art work of some of the areas best artists.  And it's about a block from the art show, so you can see both !
Unfortunately, Bonnie Masons name isn't on the list of exhibitors above.  She didn't find out about the show until after the cards were printed, BUT she will be there, sharing the tent with me.
Hope lots of friends see this reminder and come by to say Hi.  We will have lots of smaller giftable pieces of original art.

Happy Trails Travel Well

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Trying my Plein-Aire paintings in DPW

Well Hey Again,  I've decided to put some of my plein-aire work into my DPW shop !   I'll never find out if anyone likes them if I don't put 'em out there.  I enjoy painting these so much I would keep doing them no mtter what BUT if I can make a enough money to buy more supplies then I won't get so crabby !!

This is what I assume is a hawks nest, 'cuz it's so far up the tree.  I don't think other birds like to go that high.  Beautiful blue sky with clouds and all the wonderful sounds a plein aire painter is priviledged to hear.

This auction will start tomorrow 9-23-12. 

Happy Trails Travel Well

Friday, September 21, 2012

VIA Magazine

 Hey Friends,  Wanted you to see the latest issue of the magazine above, VIA, because they published a full page article about us, the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge !!  How COOL is that !
 I don't know if you'll be able to read this but if you click on an image on blogger it usually enlarges it.  It does for me anyway.  The photo is Mary Anne when the gang was painting at Carvins Cove a few weeks ago.  Judy wrote the article !  I just think this is so cool.
 Now on to a couple more cool things !  Lillie is losing the wrestling match with 3 darling labs !!
 And I don't think she minds a bit. 
 They are all so cute.  Lillie's little brother, Nic, wasn't so keen on the pups.  He seems to prefer the goats.
TK is the black boy and Max, his brother, is honey brown.  TK loves the little humans but Max really doesn't like but one human, his owner.  Lillie and Nic love visiting the neighbors with their TuTu.

Happy Trails, Travel Well

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blue Moon Travels

 Hey Friends,  Finally a few minutes to post my disappointment over the "Blue Moon" last Friday night.  I headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway in plenty of time to find an overlook.  My imagination was probably out of line but I could see the moon rising over a vast sweeping view of the valley !  I think it would have been breathtaking !  BUT just as I turned off Rt.460 onto the entrance the "check engine" light comes on.  Dang, what to do.  I chickened out, fearing my car would blow up in the middle of no where.  Then once it was dark, I'd be drug off by coyotes and never seen again.  So I turned around and went back to the closest station and put oil and water in the car  and went home.  Dang, I was madd.  The light hasn't come on since.  Turns out I had filled the gas tank and the cap wasn't screwed down really tight..   Did you know your engine light will come on IF your cap is at all loose?
 So I took a few photos from my secret place.  And it was beautiful, of course.  Just not what I had in mind.  I've already painted this scene.  Not sure I like the painting.
 This photo was from the parking lot of a Holiday Inn close to home and just off I81.  Too many city lights to do the moon justice.
And this one is from Green Hill Park.  Couldn't find any good spots to shoot from.  So I quite after this one.  Went home and pouted.  The good news is we will have another Blue Moon in about 3 years instead of the eleven years I read somewhere.
So I'll work with what photos I have and be ready next time.  Maybe I can talk somebody into going with me to paint from life.  My family thinks that would be as much fun as watching paint dry !!

Happy Trails Travel Well