Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blue Moon Travels

 Hey Friends,  Finally a few minutes to post my disappointment over the "Blue Moon" last Friday night.  I headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway in plenty of time to find an overlook.  My imagination was probably out of line but I could see the moon rising over a vast sweeping view of the valley !  I think it would have been breathtaking !  BUT just as I turned off Rt.460 onto the entrance the "check engine" light comes on.  Dang, what to do.  I chickened out, fearing my car would blow up in the middle of no where.  Then once it was dark, I'd be drug off by coyotes and never seen again.  So I turned around and went back to the closest station and put oil and water in the car  and went home.  Dang, I was madd.  The light hasn't come on since.  Turns out I had filled the gas tank and the cap wasn't screwed down really tight..   Did you know your engine light will come on IF your cap is at all loose?
 So I took a few photos from my secret place.  And it was beautiful, of course.  Just not what I had in mind.  I've already painted this scene.  Not sure I like the painting.
 This photo was from the parking lot of a Holiday Inn close to home and just off I81.  Too many city lights to do the moon justice.
And this one is from Green Hill Park.  Couldn't find any good spots to shoot from.  So I quite after this one.  Went home and pouted.  The good news is we will have another Blue Moon in about 3 years instead of the eleven years I read somewhere.
So I'll work with what photos I have and be ready next time.  Maybe I can talk somebody into going with me to paint from life.  My family thinks that would be as much fun as watching paint dry !!

Happy Trails Travel Well


audrey said...

Hi Sue.
Well, at least you got to take a few photos of that blue moon. This gal (who takes her camera EVERYWHERE) left the house that evening without it. Why? I have no clue. But, I saw that beautiful moon and it had an orangish glow to it and it was BIG and it was beautiful. I could have taken some great shots of it over the mountains and the trees. I was almost in tears. Oh, well!! There will be others.
Your photos are nice. Sorry about the car. Being safe is better than sorry. You just didn't know what the car might have done.
Take care.

hw (hallie) farber said...

I actually did know about gas caps because it happened to my neighbor.

At least you got some photos. I took my dog for a walk, noticed the moon over a neighbor's house but didn't bother getting my camera and didn't notice that it was blue.

dan garrett said...

Your still lucky to have a glimpse on the blue moon. I was disheartened that I forgot all about it. It was really disappointing. Tsk! I'll put it in my reminder next time. 3 years isn't that long.
ppc expert