Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays

Hey Friends,  I'm lucky enough to be heading south in the morning !  Will be spending the next week with family in Myrtle Beach.  Just keep your fingers crossed for decent weather.
I may not have a chance to tell you to have a wonderful time this holiday so I'm telling you now....
See you next year.
Happy Trails

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ebay Store re-opened

Hey Friends,  Several years ago I opened a store on Ebay.   I have recently learned from a generous gift from Jack White (he is a Famous artist and author) that I was indeed to impatient.  It takes forever and a bazillion days to have any success on Ebay.  He created a fictional character to paint pictures to auction on the giant.  And he had good success after about a year. !!  A whole year !!

So I'm giving it another go.  First time I only lasted about a month or so.  And was totally ignorant about the words to list, etc.  Hopefully, I have learned from Mr. White (I mean, I hope he's not pulling my leg).

I'm sure I've mentioned sometime in the past that I have a boatload of paintings in my studio to do SOMEthing with.  So this might be a good way to get going.  I'm starting each piece at $.01.
Yes, that's the advice I've been given, so ONE penny it is.

Another thing I'm doing with some of this overstock is sanding and re-gessoing to paint MORE.  I shall be participating in Leslie Saeta's challenge  again this January.  That's 30 paintings in 30 days.

I'm hoping I can list these in my DPW shop and connect to Ebay just like I did for my Etsy shop.
Won't that make my life a bit easier?

So Click here if you want to see what my Ebay listing looks like.  (Fingers are crossed)
Happy Trails
Travel Well

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Double Line Painters has a new website

Hey Friends,  Haven't posted for a bit I know, but this time of year I've got lots of excuses.  This little treasure is a 5" x 7" original on Arches watercolor paper.  Done with ink and watercolor.  It's a shed door I saw a couple years ago on Fort Lewis Road here in Salem, Virginia.  You can find it in my Etsy shop

I do believe I'm about ready to re-open my Ebay store.  I have a bazillion paintings sitting in boxes in my studio so maybe someone will like them enough to place a bid.  Soon I think.

And Double Line Painters have a new website and newsletter you should sign up for.  Judy has done a fantastic job with the website.

Go to our blog, listed over there on the right side bar in blog roll, to learn more.

Happy Trails
Travel Well