Friday, December 13, 2013

Ebay Store re-opened

Hey Friends,  Several years ago I opened a store on Ebay.   I have recently learned from a generous gift from Jack White (he is a Famous artist and author) that I was indeed to impatient.  It takes forever and a bazillion days to have any success on Ebay.  He created a fictional character to paint pictures to auction on the giant.  And he had good success after about a year. !!  A whole year !!

So I'm giving it another go.  First time I only lasted about a month or so.  And was totally ignorant about the words to list, etc.  Hopefully, I have learned from Mr. White (I mean, I hope he's not pulling my leg).

I'm sure I've mentioned sometime in the past that I have a boatload of paintings in my studio to do SOMEthing with.  So this might be a good way to get going.  I'm starting each piece at $.01.
Yes, that's the advice I've been given, so ONE penny it is.

Another thing I'm doing with some of this overstock is sanding and re-gessoing to paint MORE.  I shall be participating in Leslie Saeta's challenge  again this January.  That's 30 paintings in 30 days.

I'm hoping I can list these in my DPW shop and connect to Ebay just like I did for my Etsy shop.
Won't that make my life a bit easier?

So Click here if you want to see what my Ebay listing looks like.  (Fingers are crossed)
Happy Trails
Travel Well

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