Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Painting

                                                        Antique Bucket         4x6

Hey Friends,  This is a new painting.  A small one done on a navy blue ground.  I liked painting on this navy blue with white.  Makes a very cool, as in temperature, painting.  Just straight painting with acrylics.
I have been going through my older paintings and I have found I can't tell which are oil and which are acrylic, if I didn't mark them.  Do any of the artists out there know a secret way to tell them apart?
I'm a little surprised because I always thought they would be easy to identify.

This little darling is for auction on Ebay too.  Click here if ya wanna look.

Happy Trails
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What to do with some older paintings ?

Hey Friends,  I am trying to clear my studio of some older paintings.  Maybe these should go in the fire but then again some people like precision/realism.  I don't remember WHY I choose to paint these.  Maybe they would make a nice gift for a gardener.

You can take a look at Ebay by clicking here.  I think the auction ends pretty soon.

Happy Trails
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Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Do You Think?

Hey Friends,  I'm asking for opinions.  I know we all have differing opinions and most of the time I don't trust mine so I thought why not ask you guys.  A couple weeks ago I posted an old painting of a cliff I saw in Michigan on Lake Michigan.  A well known, I would say well respected, painter left a comment for me.  He said something like "Strong work & beautiful painting".   I was thrilled and totally surprised by his taking the time to comment.  I always liked the piece but it never sold so I thought I was wrong in thinking it was good.  I do know how to ramble, huh?
Anyway, I finished these 2 and can't decide if they are any good.  I must confess they look better on my monitor.  They look brighter.  Usually I say "They look better in real life".  Not this time.

Both are from the same little stretch of the Roanoke River in South Salem area of the new Greenway.  I want to make a much bigger one and I'm hoping you guys can tell me what needs to be fixed before going bigger.  In the 2nd piece I'm standing on a cliff looking down on the river and man fishing.  I'm going to keep these for a while at least until I get the bigger one finished.
I hope you leave comments and I thank you in advance.

Happy Trails
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cow dressed in Turquoise

Hey Friends, I put the last little black and white cow in Ebay for auction.  I never will figure out why no one local wanted her.  Could be the turquoise.  But it's one of my favorite colors.
Look at her eyelashes!  Click here for Ebay
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bluebird Looking for Spring

Hey Friends,  After the chilly polar bears comes a warm little female Bluebird.  Probably tired and hungry from the flight.  She is painted on an ink sketch with watercolors on Arches 300 # Paper.

She is in Ebay waiting for you to bid on her, I mean choose her.  She is in a 5x7 Mat and ready for a standard sized frame.  Click here to see her.

Happy Trails
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

No School Again and the Polar Bears are Happy

Hey Friends,  I put some of my polar bears happily wearing scarves and some swinging in Ebay auctions.  Click here to see this guy.

What I really wanted to tell you is, it kept snowing today.  My first post about Pax the Blizzard, my yardstick was at 12"  then when it quit again this afternoon it was about 17" !!! Wow !  We may never get off this hill.  Nobody could shovel that much snow.

Look at my Subaru........It's buried..  I don't wanna shovel any of it.  It's supposed to warm up to the 40's and 50's by first of the week.  Maybe that will be enough to melt it.  But I need to go to the Post Office and work at least one day.  I hope everyone will forgive me for not getting out.
On the bright side, I had a most enjoyable day painting.  I finished 5 small ones.
Happy Trails
Happy Shoveling

No School Today !

Hey Friends,  I thought maybe some of my friends that aren't local would like to see what happened here last night !  Above, looking out the front door.  There are birds, can you see them?

This is a slightly better shoot.  I think some of them might be Junco's.  I filled the feeder and new suet yesterday before it all started.  But I forgot to get the shovels out of the crawl space.  Duh.

This is my famous field up there.  I've painted this field at least a hundred times.  New goat house at the top.  It is 10:30 AM EST and it is still coming down lightly.

Here is a blurry shot of the deep snow.   Yep, that's 12 inches and still coming down.

Here is the dead giant pine right beside my studio (used to be my Dad's workshop).  I really thought that when I saw it this morning it might be down or missing a lot of limbs.  But No, it is hanging on.  The woodpeckers had a good time on it last summer.  I assume it died of old age.
Now I need to get busy with that brush.

Happy Trails
Happy Shoveling

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Polar Bear No. 10

Hey Friends,  It is snowing here in SW Virginia....I mean SNOWING !!  Some of the TV stations say we will have 9 to 12 ".  I haven't seen that much snow in years, maybe decades.
So it made me think of polar bears.  My polar bears specifically.  So here we go with my bears.  There is bound to be other people out there in cyber space that likes polar bears too.  I couldn't be the only one, right?
I've got about ten mini-paintings in these precious little silver frames that I'm putting up for auction in Ebay, starting at a penny.  So this would be a great time to buy up some Christmas, Birthday presents.
Just click here and start bidding !
Happy Trails
Happy Shoveling

Monday, February 10, 2014

PleinAire at Jetters Farm No. One

Hey Friends, This was painted a while back (don't say anything but I can't remember) when we, me and my painting buddies, called the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge, were at Jetters Farm on route 220.  One of their colorful trucks out in the field.  I'm longing for warm days to return so we can go back.  None of us gals are real fond of the freezing temps we have had lately.  WE HAVE been out there painting in the cold and wind, mind you.  But we have grown smarter and don't see the need to torture ourselves too often anymore.
This beaute is up for auction in Ebay, Click here to check it out.
Happy Trails
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Parkway No.One - Near Floyd, Va."

Hey Friends,  A plein aire piece painted last summer on one of our trips to Floyd, Va.  It is pleasant to remember the sunshine and the breezes while painting this.  Can't wait to get out there again.
I'm putting her in my ebay auctions, starting at a penny !
Happy Trails
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Friday, February 7, 2014

"Garst Mill Creek No. One"

Hey Friends, Another batch of warm memories. This is one of the mellowest spots in the area.  Love to go to this little creek.  The painting is a bit warmer than what I see on my monitor.
It's in my ebay auctions opening at a penny.
Happy Trails
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Greenway No. One"

Hey Friends,  Here is a view along the Roanoke River Greenway in Salem at the bottom of the hill from Lewis Gale Hospital on Rt.419.  This was last spring before we had the swollen river and all the washed up debris.  A few wildflowers starting to pop up along the banks.
I'm putting her up for auction on Ebay starting at a penny.
Happy Trails
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Second Valentine Item

Hey Friends, Here is the second.  This is all I have for Valentines day this year.  This is painted on squares of 300 lb. Arches paper with acrylics.  I made the little jewelry bling between the squares.

The frame is 19" x 10" and under glass.  This shape is easy to find a place to hang.  If anyone local wants it, just send an email and we can talk about the shipping.  Maybe we can meet somewhere.
Click here for the Ebay auction
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Couple Items for Valentine Gifts

Hey Friends, I just listed this in my ebay shop.  Like everyone says, "It looks better in Person".
The frame is 18" x 14" and the image is an 14x11 canvas panel.
Would be a pretty different gift, One of a Kind, OOAK.  If anyone local wants it, we can talk about the shipping part .  Like meet somewhere?
Click here for the Ebay auction.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

Sunday, February 2, 2014

" RACE "

Hey Friends,  The weather was pretty pleasant for a change here in the mountains of SW Va.  I know THAT ground hog saw his shadow today and we in for more of the same old cold stuff but for a few hours today the sun was warm and lifted our spirits.  How do people north of us stand it so long?
If I had my way (money) I'd live in Key West, yes sirreeee.

Anyway I'm putting this little babe on Ebay for auction starting at a penny.  It is a nice size at 8" x 24".  A long horizontal is easy to find a home for, lots of nooks for this size.
Happy Trails
Travel Well