Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Do You Think?

Hey Friends,  I'm asking for opinions.  I know we all have differing opinions and most of the time I don't trust mine so I thought why not ask you guys.  A couple weeks ago I posted an old painting of a cliff I saw in Michigan on Lake Michigan.  A well known, I would say well respected, painter left a comment for me.  He said something like "Strong work & beautiful painting".   I was thrilled and totally surprised by his taking the time to comment.  I always liked the piece but it never sold so I thought I was wrong in thinking it was good.  I do know how to ramble, huh?
Anyway, I finished these 2 and can't decide if they are any good.  I must confess they look better on my monitor.  They look brighter.  Usually I say "They look better in real life".  Not this time.

Both are from the same little stretch of the Roanoke River in South Salem area of the new Greenway.  I want to make a much bigger one and I'm hoping you guys can tell me what needs to be fixed before going bigger.  In the 2nd piece I'm standing on a cliff looking down on the river and man fishing.  I'm going to keep these for a while at least until I get the bigger one finished.
I hope you leave comments and I thank you in advance.

Happy Trails
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