Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cats and Quang Ho and Maria Pace Wynters

Hey Friends, Just showing off a few of my cat paintings. Again I favor the black and white coats.
All three and a couple more are now listed in my Etsy shop. Cows are not there yet.

But the real reason I'm blogging tonight is - I was wondering if any of you have read the newest issue of SOUTHWEST ART (March). There is an interview of Quang Ho in his studio on page 60. In answer to one question, he said his recent show at Gallery 1261 was eclectic! That it looked like 10 different artists painted the works! ! ! Man, that made me feel so Good! To hear an internationally known, really big time, famous artist say that he didn't want to be pigeoned-hole, was a real eye-opener.
Of course, he didn't have that attitude to start with I bet. He had to build a reputation first. Anyway, now I don't feel so stupid or unprofessional, when my work seems to be all over the place (in style).
Also, wanted you to hear Maria Pace Wynters thoughts and feelings in a recent blogpost. She is brave in her statements and they reflect exactly how I feel. So click on her name and enjoy.
Happy Trails.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Original Cow Paintings - Last Two

Hey Friends, These are the last of the cows. For now. Gotta move on. Love painting their little faces so I'm sure I'll be back with more. That brown fella (gal) above was a real odd looking cow. I tried to sweeten it up a bit.

Of course, this gal was more fun to paint. I just like the black and white. She might be the famous California Happy Cow from the commercials.
Now all I need to do is list them on Etsy. Sheeesh - that'll take hours! And I'm feeling the spring-forward daylight savings time thingy.
Do want to mention that I have a small show to be hung first of May at the famous Mill Mtn. Coffee Shop in the famous little town of Salem, Va.! More later. Have a grand week!
Happy Trails.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Original Paintings and a visit to Art Quiver

Hey Friends, More Cows! I think I may be off this jag - for now. I have 2 more after these 2.
I'll post them later. Don't want to bore you too much on this fine start to the weekend.
A couple days ago I visited the studio of T. Lawson, whom my daughter models for real often. He has a beautiful studio, one most of us wish for! And I love, love his art work!!! His mind works totally different from mine. He's Pablo-ish. So I put a link here for you to easily check his work. His gallery is on Art Quiver. I've heard of this sight before. Don't think it's the route for me mostly because of the return policy. I can't see the advantage of that, can you?
Go look and tell me what you think. Have a great weekend.
Happy Trails.