Sunday, March 14, 2010

Original Cow Paintings - Last Two

Hey Friends, These are the last of the cows. For now. Gotta move on. Love painting their little faces so I'm sure I'll be back with more. That brown fella (gal) above was a real odd looking cow. I tried to sweeten it up a bit.

Of course, this gal was more fun to paint. I just like the black and white. She might be the famous California Happy Cow from the commercials.
Now all I need to do is list them on Etsy. Sheeesh - that'll take hours! And I'm feeling the spring-forward daylight savings time thingy.
Do want to mention that I have a small show to be hung first of May at the famous Mill Mtn. Coffee Shop in the famous little town of Salem, Va.! More later. Have a grand week!
Happy Trails.


hwfarber said...

Do you hang out in the pasture or paint these from photos? I really like your cows.

I saw an ad for Art Quiver in one of the decorating magazines.

PussDaddy said...

I just love the pink one.


Rishi Kapil said...

Unique style , great paintings

Sue Furrow said...

Hey Hallie, I paint from photos. I would hang out in pastures but NO time for dilly-dallying!
PussDaddy-Thanks. I've painted about 4 of cats so you can critique them for me.
Rishi-Thanks for the encouragment & following.
Now I finally have some time for Etsy.