Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cats and Quang Ho and Maria Pace Wynters

Hey Friends, Just showing off a few of my cat paintings. Again I favor the black and white coats.
All three and a couple more are now listed in my Etsy shop. Cows are not there yet.

But the real reason I'm blogging tonight is - I was wondering if any of you have read the newest issue of SOUTHWEST ART (March). There is an interview of Quang Ho in his studio on page 60. In answer to one question, he said his recent show at Gallery 1261 was eclectic! That it looked like 10 different artists painted the works! ! ! Man, that made me feel so Good! To hear an internationally known, really big time, famous artist say that he didn't want to be pigeoned-hole, was a real eye-opener.
Of course, he didn't have that attitude to start with I bet. He had to build a reputation first. Anyway, now I don't feel so stupid or unprofessional, when my work seems to be all over the place (in style).
Also, wanted you to hear Maria Pace Wynters thoughts and feelings in a recent blogpost. She is brave in her statements and they reflect exactly how I feel. So click on her name and enjoy.
Happy Trails.


hwfarber said...

I'm with you and happy to hear that a well-known artist doesn't stick to just one style or series. I like to try everything at least once.

When I had a show last year, I had several styles--title of the show: "Normal and Not-so-Normal." I sold both types--I can go either way; not-so-normal is more fun. (Or should I just admit that I'm a bit off-plumb?)

I like your white cat!

Sue Furrow said...

Hey Hallie, I'm happy to hear that you like a variety as well. And the title of your show couldn't be any better. Normal and Not-So-Normal - perfect! If I get a show anytime soon I think I'll call it "Off Plumb", with your permission, of course.

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Luzia said...

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