Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Little Loves

Hey Friends,  Just had to show you this photo of my LOVES.  Their Mom took this as they were leaving their house....For their first day of school together.!!  Makes me want to cry.

They look so little.

Happy Trails  Travel Well

Blue Ridge Parkway

Hey Friends,  A couple Sundays ago, I took a short ride up the Parkway.  I started at the Vinton, Va. entrance.  After a short distance, I crossed a huge, tall bridge.  This first overlook was to the Roanoke River !   I was shocked !  I did not know this river got to be so large.  Or that there is a dam.  I was nauseous and feeling pretty squirrelly trying to get these photos.  Couldn't get near the edge.  NaNaCat have you ever seen something this beautiful ?

Can't remember which number this Overlook was. (2nd or 4th)  But the view from this Poages Mill Overlook was  fantastic.  This photo doesn't show the ariel perspective your eyes see.  That's why it's a good idea to paint from life.  It's hard to describe the emotions you feel when looking at so much beauty.  Why do humans want to destroy this?

I've never heard of "Lost Mountain".  Makes me aware of how much I don't know and haven't seen right here in my own little woods.   I fancy this name is something the colonists conjured up.  One little tidbit I read the other night in a book about North Carolina is,  "Catawba" was the name of a small band of Injuns along the border of NC and Va.   They have disappeared sadly.  And that bothers me immensely.

This overlook is at Cahas Mountain !  Never heard of that one either!  I would really like to be up here when the moon is rising and/or when there is snow down below.  Can you imagine?  By the way if you ever come here, you'll be disappointed that most of the overlooks you can't see squat.  The trees are so over grown, they block the view.  I wonder if this is a budget cut from Washington?
And lastly, a farm (below) near the Floyd exit.  I had to get off the Parkway at Floyd because I would soon be out of daylight and I had to drive all the way back home.  I was hoping to make it to MileMarker171 which is the wrong # I'm sure.  But I will be in a show/festival "Art on the Parkway" in October on the 13th and 14th.  A big farm with a big meadow.  I'll find that info and tell you more.

Anyway I hope to get backto this farm soon.  We will be painting at the "Explore Park" this Friday, which is between  Vinton and Roanoke and I believe there is a farm there also.  Hope to see some cows.

Happy Trails Travel Well

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two Starts

 Hey Friends,  The DLPBR met this morning in Green Hill Park in Salem, Va.  We are working towards a show this October at Gallery 108 on the downtown market of Roanoke, Va.  Above is a start on a 6x8 of a Sycamore root extending out into the river.  There is a clump of grass too.
 Here is another start on a 9x12.   Standing on the bank looking out over the river.
                                     Photo to finish first start.  I was sitting out in the river in a chair.
                                                            Photo to finish 2nd start from.
I will work on these some more and show you the end results.  I was supposed to show you some photos taken on the parkway Sunday but I'll do that tomorrow.  After working at Gallery 108 all day.  So some of you come and visit with me tomorrow.  We'll talk about how hard plein aire painting is.

Happy Trails Travel Well

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Osterhaus at Little Gallery

Hey Friends,  Sunday I went to the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake, here in SW Va., which is in Bedford, Va.   I had the timing wrong, I thought I would see Greg Osterhaus demonstrating, but I was there just in time to see everyone walking away!  That's the finished demo above.  He will finish later, I'm told.  He is very loose and expressive and colorful.  If he isn't the top seller at LG then he's second, is my guess.  I love his work.
This was his set up on the boardwalk/deck just outside of the Little Gallery. Look at that huge paint layout !!   Wow - makes my set up look miniature.  I can foresee some changes coming soon.
Here is the Mr. O chatting with some collectors.  He never knew I was there and thats my fault.  I hate to interupt anyone esp. if I think they are talking business.
And here is a couple of his famous cows, hanging outside close to his demo.  See how colorful and energetic!
After this event I went for a little ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Only from Vinton to Floyd.  I 'll crop some of those photos and show them to you tomorrow.  The Double Line Painters will be meeting in the morning at Green Hill Park early so I will post after that.
Happy Trails Travel Well

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MonoPrint Demo by Susan Egbert

 Hey Friends,  This is a rather long post, with a lot of photos.  I wanted to show a step by step demo of making a monotype/monoprint.?  Not sure which term is proper.  I will have to ask Susan Egbert.
Above Susan is just starting.  She uses brayers to mix water soluable oils on a piece of plexi-glass.
 Here she is rolling the oils onto another piece of plexiglass.  Of course the plexi is the size you want the finished image to be.
 Adding more colors, more layers.  This piece will be a bit abstract Sue thinks.
             It may look like a lot of time has elapsed but so far only about 10-15 minutes.

 Here Sue is adding some stripes and textures using the brayer instead of a brush.  Here she is using a nib to remove some paint.  Removing some paint to form a tree shape.
                                          Still removing paint, making shapes.
         Here she is Adding paint with a brush.  Kinda like negative and positive shapes.
                       Playing with the brayer again.  This has taken about 20 minutes.
                                               Above is the press.
        Putting the plexi with the paint on the press table and laying damp WC paper on top.
    And it is Aquarious WC paper.   Now Sue is cranking the plate & paper thru the press.
                                                                          TA-DAH !!
The final result !  The image is much bolder than I thought it would be.  It looks like a lot of fun and I can't wait to try it myself.  Sue and Petie Stringfellow share a studio on Campbell Ave. in DT Roanoke, Va. and they invited me to come back and give it a try.  Hoping I can do that soon.

If any one close to Roanoke would enjoy a short class/workshop in this process, the members at Gallery 108 are perusing holding such short workshops at the space available to them next door.
So leave comments with your email address if interested.

Happy Trails Travel Well

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Little Paintings at Jetter Farm

 Hey Friends,  The internet service with Comcast really sucks!!  Not just occassionally, but every day I wind up waiting for hours to get a connection.  Wish there was some alternative.

The photo above shows the view/scene I was painting.  Not very good, you can't see the truck way in the distance, but you can see my base color - Magenta !!  I love to start a painting on a bright color.
 This photo shows my whole easel thing.  It's a cheap Daler Rowney tripod but I like it.  It'll work until I can afford a REAL plein-aire outfit.
This shows a very good start.  I will take it home and study it and then finish with a few details.  Mainly in the truck.  I have time to start another, yay!!   So this means I come home with 3 paintings.  The image below is my finished painting.  That red truck turned out way smaller than I thought it would.
We are having a special show at Gallery 108 in October.  Otherwise, I would start posting these in my DPW store.  I actually think posting these will be a big waste of time because everyone at DPW is a plein-aire painter so my work will be nothing new except if you're looking for something from SW Va. , like our mountains or rivers or ponds.  I'll show the other two paintings tomorrow.  I've been on this computer all day and I'm worn out.  Computers don't come naturally to me (do they anybody) so IT IS work to me.  Painting esp. plein-aire is hard work too.  But a different kind of work and a different kind of exhaustion.  It's good.
PS-A heartfelt thanks to the Jetter family for sharing their farm with us and to Angela for setting it up.

Happy Trails Travel Well