Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Osterhaus at Little Gallery

Hey Friends,  Sunday I went to the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake, here in SW Va., which is in Bedford, Va.   I had the timing wrong, I thought I would see Greg Osterhaus demonstrating, but I was there just in time to see everyone walking away!  That's the finished demo above.  He will finish later, I'm told.  He is very loose and expressive and colorful.  If he isn't the top seller at LG then he's second, is my guess.  I love his work.
This was his set up on the boardwalk/deck just outside of the Little Gallery. Look at that huge paint layout !!   Wow - makes my set up look miniature.  I can foresee some changes coming soon.
Here is the Mr. O chatting with some collectors.  He never knew I was there and thats my fault.  I hate to interupt anyone esp. if I think they are talking business.
And here is a couple of his famous cows, hanging outside close to his demo.  See how colorful and energetic!
After this event I went for a little ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Only from Vinton to Floyd.  I 'll crop some of those photos and show them to you tomorrow.  The Double Line Painters will be meeting in the morning at Green Hill Park early so I will post after that.
Happy Trails Travel Well

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