Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Two Starts

 Hey Friends,  The DLPBR met this morning in Green Hill Park in Salem, Va.  We are working towards a show this October at Gallery 108 on the downtown market of Roanoke, Va.  Above is a start on a 6x8 of a Sycamore root extending out into the river.  There is a clump of grass too.
 Here is another start on a 9x12.   Standing on the bank looking out over the river.
                                     Photo to finish first start.  I was sitting out in the river in a chair.
                                                            Photo to finish 2nd start from.
I will work on these some more and show you the end results.  I was supposed to show you some photos taken on the parkway Sunday but I'll do that tomorrow.  After working at Gallery 108 all day.  So some of you come and visit with me tomorrow.  We'll talk about how hard plein aire painting is.

Happy Trails Travel Well

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