Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Little Paintings at Jetter Farm

 Hey Friends,  The internet service with Comcast really sucks!!  Not just occassionally, but every day I wind up waiting for hours to get a connection.  Wish there was some alternative.

The photo above shows the view/scene I was painting.  Not very good, you can't see the truck way in the distance, but you can see my base color - Magenta !!  I love to start a painting on a bright color.
 This photo shows my whole easel thing.  It's a cheap Daler Rowney tripod but I like it.  It'll work until I can afford a REAL plein-aire outfit.
This shows a very good start.  I will take it home and study it and then finish with a few details.  Mainly in the truck.  I have time to start another, yay!!   So this means I come home with 3 paintings.  The image below is my finished painting.  That red truck turned out way smaller than I thought it would.
We are having a special show at Gallery 108 in October.  Otherwise, I would start posting these in my DPW store.  I actually think posting these will be a big waste of time because everyone at DPW is a plein-aire painter so my work will be nothing new except if you're looking for something from SW Va. , like our mountains or rivers or ponds.  I'll show the other two paintings tomorrow.  I've been on this computer all day and I'm worn out.  Computers don't come naturally to me (do they anybody) so IT IS work to me.  Painting esp. plein-aire is hard work too.  But a different kind of work and a different kind of exhaustion.  It's good.
PS-A heartfelt thanks to the Jetter family for sharing their farm with us and to Angela for setting it up.

Happy Trails Travel Well  

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Lesa Kay said...

Looks great! I like that red truck. And I understand about the internet and how that can definitely be the kind of work that doesn't necessarily produce the good, more satisfying feelings that other work, such as painting can provide. But, thank goodness we have it, right?

Sorry about your internet connection woes. Talk about frustrating.

Have a great rest of your weekend!