Sunday, February 27, 2011

String Gel

Hey Friends, A little information about the painting above. 8" x 10" gallery wrapped canvas.
I used string gel along the bottom. Sorta gives it a vegetative look, don't you think? It makes me think of frog eggs. Frogs lay these long, stringy things.

This is what it looked like with the under painting finished. I like the look this rusty, burnt orange paint gives the finished piece. Kinda earthy. I have Liquitex string gel. If you haven't tried it yet, have patience. I used a straw first time and actually sucked the stuff up into the straw, thinking it would drizzle out more evenly. No, don't do it.
It just sat there - in the straw. Just use a stick or tooth pick. Have a wet brush handy to clean off the blobs, if you don't like them. Otherwise just dip the stick and drizzle anywhere you want texture or make a pattern. Like a plaid or flowers. Have fun.
Happy Trails.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glass Beads Cont'd.

Hey Friends, So I'm back with the glass beads. Now I think you'll be able to see them a bit better. The image above is the finished piece-Duh...
I meant to load these in reverse order. But ya know my tendency to forget the proper way to do any thing. Dang - I've got so much paint on them you can't see like I was hoping.

Sorry, next time I use the glass beads I'll get better close ups before painting. I'm just itching to paint a Flamingo. Birds, Bees, Flamingos - All of these should tide me over 'til spring arrives or Daylight Savings Time starts. Which ever comes first.! ! !
Happy Trails.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Efforts Today

Hey Friends, A couple bits to show for my 11 hour day. Actually, I spent most of my day on another Peacock ! But I've got to hide her for a few days to see if she's as homely as I think she is right now. Whew, why do I torture myself with such hard, picky subjects? I suppose I just like testing myself every now and again.
The raven above is from yesterdays efforts. Not much time spent in the studio yesterday, so I kept it simple. I like simple. And you can't usually screw up such a beautiful, simple bird too badly.
This (above) is an under painting I thought you might like to glance at. I scanned at 72 dpi but I should have done it at about 200 so you could see the glass beads a little better. I used a palette knife to apply the glass beads at the bottom, in a sort of flower shape. It's pretty thick.
Then painted on an under coat of Acra Gold.

Can you see a faint line sketch in the smaller image? I'm going to make this a bee and flower painting. How common you say. But I really ENJOY painting Bee's.
Maybe I'll be able to show you this finished tomorrow.
Happy Trails and Happy Dreams

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Sugar Babes

Hey Friends, A little late but wanted you to see my SweetHearts. Above is my only granddaughter and her Love Letter Necklace. I got the Letter from Holly's Etsy shop.

And here is my only grandson, Professor Nic, with his patched up mag glass, looking for a binky.
Had a good day painting. Finished 3 small, 2 I started on Tuesday. I'll post them tomorrow 'cuz it is 12:30 here in the East and I've had a long day.
Happy Trails !

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Farm Animal

Hey Friends, Yep, I got 'er done. This is the Peacock I started last week. It's on a canvas panel and painted with acrylics. I used some of Golden's crackle paste in the corners.

Our closest neighbor has an exotic farm and I have taken photos of most of his critters for reference when painting. I say exotic 'cuz they don't have the usual farm animals. A couple years ago another neighbor told me they were getting a giraffe ! Haven't seen one yet so I guess it was just a rumor. AND their noisy peacock isn't this pretty. It's pretty raggedy.

Now I think I shall add Peacock No.1 to my Etsy shop instead of taking it to the Gallery.

Happy Trails.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey Friends, This is the piece I started last week. Maybe I should have taken a before shot, but it wasn't very pretty. I was trying to make it look like a lake. But the water was just too dark. Now it looks more tropical than I intended.
This has been painted from memory. I'm sure that's why I had trouble. I think memory paintings take a lot of practice. And I don't have time for that, that's why I normally use photos.
AND painting people from memory is really tuff. I think the little guy on the left reminds me of SOROLLA's "Sad Inheritance". Mind you I said Reminds. If I were 1/10th as good at painting as Sorolla I would probably be wealthy !

I have not finished the Peacock ! Maybe Thursday. Please comment/critique - It always helps.

Happy Trails.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Art by Night

Hey Friends, Just a quick little peek-see. Showing you a window at Gallery 108 with Valentine crafts on display.
Most are mine. The painting in the dark frame is by Martha Lalka and the heart necklaces are by someone I can't remember(Bad TuTu).

I had to take this photo at an angle because the flash made a glare. They are not under glass. I especially like the foamy waves coming in around the birds feet.

And this is my smaller works under the big birds. This part is for you Hallie. I've been showing everyone's wall at the Gallery except mine. So there it is.
It's still pretty cold here but we had about 45 souls brave the weather and visit our Gallery108 tonight. We enjoyed all the chatter if nothing else.
Happy Trails.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Painted Today

Hey Friends, The 10x10 above was done for a friend to give her mother. The puppy in the swing with her Mom died recently and her Mom really loved the big fella. So it's kinda like she is taking the pup up to heaven on a swing to show him how beautiful it is there and not to be afraid. See the dog looking at her and listening to her every word.
And the one above (which I didn't crop correctly) is just a piece I was playing with. I've always considered myself a colorist but thought I'd really push the colors while I was playing.
A title is always a pickle for me. How about "Red Shoes" or "Granny's Lap Blanket" or "Reading in Gran's Sunroom".
I also started 2 more ! One of a Peacock and another of children on a lake.
Thanks for taking a peek.
Happy Trails.