Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Painted Today

Hey Friends, The 10x10 above was done for a friend to give her mother. The puppy in the swing with her Mom died recently and her Mom really loved the big fella. So it's kinda like she is taking the pup up to heaven on a swing to show him how beautiful it is there and not to be afraid. See the dog looking at her and listening to her every word.
And the one above (which I didn't crop correctly) is just a piece I was playing with. I've always considered myself a colorist but thought I'd really push the colors while I was playing.
A title is always a pickle for me. How about "Red Shoes" or "Granny's Lap Blanket" or "Reading in Gran's Sunroom".
I also started 2 more ! One of a Peacock and another of children on a lake.
Thanks for taking a peek.
Happy Trails.


hw (hallie) farber said...

You're off to a great start this year. The top one made me cry; the bottom one is just beautiful. (And the Etsy sidebar is really nice.)

Meowlissa said...

Always love your use of color :) The top story pulled my heart strings. I cannot wait to see the peacock!

Holly said...

The puppy one is so sweet. I can relate to having that kind of love for a pet. I have a kitty my husband has occasionally caught me referring to as my son haha. He's creeped out by it, and it probably makes me sound like a crazy cat lady. But I just love that animal so much, he's like a child to me!

And that second painting, well you know how I feel about color... ;-)

Sue Furrow said...

You guys are so sweet - So good at boosting my morale !! Thanks so very much.