Sunday, February 27, 2011

String Gel

Hey Friends, A little information about the painting above. 8" x 10" gallery wrapped canvas.
I used string gel along the bottom. Sorta gives it a vegetative look, don't you think? It makes me think of frog eggs. Frogs lay these long, stringy things.

This is what it looked like with the under painting finished. I like the look this rusty, burnt orange paint gives the finished piece. Kinda earthy. I have Liquitex string gel. If you haven't tried it yet, have patience. I used a straw first time and actually sucked the stuff up into the straw, thinking it would drizzle out more evenly. No, don't do it.
It just sat there - in the straw. Just use a stick or tooth pick. Have a wet brush handy to clean off the blobs, if you don't like them. Otherwise just dip the stick and drizzle anywhere you want texture or make a pattern. Like a plaid or flowers. Have fun.
Happy Trails.


Meowlissa said...

Brilliant. I've always loved those added textures in paintings. What a gorgeous piece :)

Hope you had a good weekend~

Sue Furrow said...

Thanks Meow, I've had some fun experimenting with different mediums. I started one this morning that has string gel and glass beads. Should be interesting.

hw (hallie) farber said...

I like this. I think I have some tar gel (never used) but not string gel.

Holly said...

This one is beautiful! I have always loved dragonflies, and the texture looks really pretty. Great colors too!

Margaret Hall said...

Hi, Sue...Back to blog-hopping now that my PC is up and running...Been missing your beautiful work, but am catching up on the eye candy~!! Love coming here, will be back soon..I would love to see the string gel and glass!

Sew it my way! said...

Love your compositions and the dragon fly with the textured forground is AWESOME!!

Sue Furrow said...

Thanks all you guys! I sketched a bunch of DF's today while I was at G.108. Can't wait to get started.
Hallie-As far as I can remember Tar gel& string gel are the same. So go find it.