Friday, November 21, 2014

Autumn Colors and Jefferson Center

Hey Friends,  This colorful painting is for auction on Ebay starting at .99.
Click Here to add to your collection.

This painting is large at 24" sq. and will be hanging in the Holiday Show at the Jefferson Center this Dec. 2nd.    Go, enjoy looking at all the art work.
Happy Trails

What are Eggs Symbolic of ?

Hey Friends,  Did you already know that eggs are symbolic of fertility and/or family or offspring or siblings?  This painting has 2 eggs.  Could represent you and your sibling or your Mom & Dad and more.  Click Here for the Ebay auction.

Yesterday I delivered this Dragonfly to the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake, here in the Bedford/Moneta area of Virginia.  Beautiful gallery in a beautiful setting, well worth the drive.
Please Click Here for the Double Line Painters Blog.  We have several local events going on the first week of December.  I would love to see some of my friends there.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pokey Cowgirl and Wildflower Meadow

Hey Friends,  The Oddly stiff cowgirl is for auction in EBAY.  And why do the cows seem to be running away?

This new piece "Meadow" with a gang of bees is now at the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake .  Go check it out and tell them Sue sent you.
The Little Gallery has a ton of gorgeous stuff for gift giving and in every price range !
Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful Friday.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Snow on the Crazy People at the Top of the Hill

Hey Friends,  I painted this late last week from photos I took last year.  This is #6 in an ongoing series about those Crazy People.  There were several before I started this blog and finally had to start numbering them.  I snuck up the hill when I was sure no one was home to get the photos.

This one I finished today.  It is 14 x 7 " and a shallow wrapped canvas.  The sides are blue.  I have decided to put this in my Etsy shop because I have neglected it for so long.  I don't know what happens to me.  Why do I get bored and neglect things for so long??  Why? Why?
Because you are an impatient person. 
Tomorrow I will be in Bedford at the Goose Creek Gallery, painting with my Buddies.
Stop in and say HI !
Happy Trails

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snow Scape

Hey Friends,  Another small one for EBAY.  This one is framed in a plain black frame, ready for display.  The auction starts at 99 cents.
For some reason (I just sent them a question) DPW has not been pulling my blog posts at midnight like they are supposed to.  Several small paintings have come and gone.  Usually things like this is my fault but we shall see.
Just FYI, my painting buds and I (the Double Line Painters & the link is over there on the right sidebar) will be painting in Bedford at the Goose Creek Gallery this Thursday.  This is a beautiful gallery full of neat, nifty originals so come by and chat with us.  We love company!
Happy Trails
Travel Carefully

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cat's Blue Sky - New Auction

Hey Friends,  New painting I just finished last night.  I'm going to varnish it this morning.  I used a photo my dear friend, Ms. Cat, sent me from her slice of heaven in Florida.

Love to paint palms.  Probably because they remind me of a warmer climate.  It's freezing cold here in the SW Mountains of Virginia.  It's raining right now but will turn into snow later in the day according to the meterologists.  I painted the frame several years ago and have been looking for it for a long while.  It's good to clean and purge your studio every 10 years or so. LOL.
Love to paint flamingos also.  Guess I better put myself in gear.
The Ebay auction is HERE if you want to look it over.
Happy Trails

Friday, November 14, 2014

Trees for Auction on Ebay

This 5x7 acrylic painting is up for auction on Ebay.  Would it make a lovely little gift?  Sure it would.  Frames this size are easy and inexpensive to find.  Go ahead,  bid on it.

This Oak is up on Ebay too.  I believe it ends tomorrow.  Click Here to check it out.
Hope everyone is warm and safe.  Lets hope this is the only polar vortex we have to deal with this year.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Auction and more Windy Plein Aire

Hey Friends,  Been a little while.  I'm still here and going strong.  Out there with the other members of the Double Line Painters in Salem today.
But first go check out this flock for auction on EBAY.

Here is the view we had this morning at Salem Terrace @ Harrogate.  Beautiful day after all the poo poo reports from the weather men.  The clouds were really moving on.

Here is the little sketch I finished before we had to break for lunch.  Plein Air is hard work.
We, the DLP's, will be painting, or making cards, next week, Wed. the 12th, at 2nd Helpings Gallery on Williamson Rd. from about 10:30 til 1.
We would love for you to come by and chat.  Take a tour through this impressive little gallery.
Til then - Happy Trails

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Windy Plein Aire

Hey Friends,  Two of us of the DLP's were crazy enough to try plein aire a couple days ago.  The Homeplace Restaurant on Rt.311 in Catawba, Va. has beautiful scenery all around it. 
Above is Linda, down low, trying to avoid the wind.

This is me after bungy-ing the easel to the car.  The wind blew it over twice.

This is a bit of the landscape.  The autumn colors are not so pretty this year.  Can't find any red, orange or bright yellow.  Just yellow ochre and brown.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails to You

Friday, October 17, 2014

Long Time Getting to Here

Hey Friends,  The nasty flu bugs are out already here in Blue Ridge Area of Virginia.  I've had one bout, my grand babes have had crazy temperatures and strip throat.  So watch OUT.
I felt so much better yesterday I drove out to Paint Bank, Va. near West Va. on Rt. 311.

This is peak foliage color time for them and it was beautiful.  My dinky little point & shoot doesn't do justice for the colors.  The 2 photos above are the bison on Rt.600.  Been wanting to photograph them for years.

This is the view from Potts Mountain close to the "Homeplace" restaurant.  As John Denver said "It sets my senses reeling".  You feel so close to heaven when out there.
You know some paintings are on the way !!  Yay !!
Happy Trails