Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Right Path - Progress shots

Hey Friends,  Thought you might enjoy perusing a few photos I took as I worked on this in the studio.  Obviously  I started with making the entire canvas red.  Threw in a bit of dark cherry red too. Then using 2-3 sized circles (cups etc.) and using different colors, applied the circles.

In the next to the last photo I have cut out white and black circles and taped to the canvas.  You can see I did not follow the layout exactly. 

Now it is up to you to take the Right Path.

I would never post a blog like this (all the verbiage at the bottom) but there are times when Blogger has do things his way.  I always let him win.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Trails

Monday, October 17, 2016

Another Abstract Added to My Website

Hey Friends,  I have enjoyed this side of my brain working.  Actually, It's probably the same side I've always used, it just feels different.

I started with a circle and some bead gel.  From there it took on it's own life !  As I was adding the diagonal marks, they looked like liquid spinning off the wheel.  That made me think of a time or two when children have gotten sick on carnival rides.   And that made me think the ferris wheel did not like them doing that, so the wheel just spit the children OUT!

Sometimes my imagination is in over drive, just like my GranBabes.

Anyway, now you know how some Titles come about.

You can check out the details and purchase on my website - HERE.

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Happy Trails

Friday, October 14, 2016


Hey Friends,  A few Happenings to tell you about.
First is a new exhibit opening today at the Alleghany Highlands Arts and Craft Center in Clifton Forge.  Last year I won a very nice award and prize.  More info HERE


Sunday October 30 - Monday December 4
The Holiday Show for the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge will be up at the http://www.jeffcenter.org  Jefferson Center .  We will line the halls with art from the past year.   Plan to come by when you are in the area or attending a concert.  A portion of art sales benefit the Jefferson Center.

Thursday November 3 - Tuesday January 10
The meeting room of the http://salemmuseum.org Salem Museum will be filled with even more art by the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge for the holiday season.  Admission to the museum is free and makes a great outing for friends and family during the holidays.  A portion of art sales benefit the Salem Museum.

Hope you can visit one of these shows coming up and that I run into you there

Happy Trails

Sunday, October 9, 2016


Hey Friends, this will be a photo post...not much verbiage today.  Only to say what a difference one night can make.  Rain & more rain yesterday.  Wake-up and it's sunny and beautiful (just a bit windy)

Linda and myself had a grand time.  I didn't even mind the wind the first couple hours.

Lots of favorite artists there and among them, Mz.Suz and Charles above.  Then I forgot to get everyone's photo.  Will try harder next year.

Go ahead and pencil it in for 2017.  We will be back.
Thank you Bonnie Hooper and Staff.

Happy Trails

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hey Folks,  Not many of you wanted to come play in the rain.  Can't blame you, this kind of weather is really good for sleeping.  It is still beautiful, in my opinion.  Look at that view.!

Suzanne Ross, above, came to play with her watercolors. above.
NO kin to Bob Ross, haha.

And Ms. Suzy came with her oils, above.  The rain blew in sideways and got everyones stuff wet.

Here is Linda, smoozzing with Dana Phillips.  He gave a demo earlier that I missed, dang it.

This is his demo and it really looks much better in person. My colors are off.  It is 581 and/or 220 at Tanglewood.  He made such a common, drab view, beautiful

Then on my way home, I stopped at the Greenway along the Roanoke River in Salem, to show you how it looks like the Great Muddy Mississippi, when this full.  It has covered the walkway!

Such a beautiful place we live in.

Very thankful Hurricane Matthew did not cause any more damage than it did.  It spared most of the people and homes along Florida's coast.  I have a dear friend in the Ormond beach area, that I was very worried about but she only lost a few trees and palms and some of her roof.  Of course, she has a mess to clean up but she and her fur babies are safe.

I'll be back with another report on the SoPeak Paint Out tomorrow.

Everyone has a pleasant evening and thanks for stopping in.

Happy Trails

Friday, October 7, 2016


Hey All You Lovely's Out There,  It may wind up being a bit wet tomorrow for the Paint Out but only in the morning according to the weather channel.

So you can still come by in the afternoon.  It would be interesting to watch artists paint in the rain!
Bring Irish Coffee's with you if you want to make sure it's fun.

Look at these gorgeous views I took a few weeks ago.  I think you can see West Va.!

I'm looking forward to it - Rain or Shine.

Happy Trails
Until We Meet Again

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hey Dear Friends,  This photo is from last year at South Peak's First Paint Out.
The weather that weekend was a little raw.  They have a wonderful gazebo up there with a giant fireplace so we were cozy and happy.  Seems maybe about 6 or 7 of us crammed ourselves into this gazebo to stay warm and cut the wind a bit that morning.

As the day went on it go nicer and sunnier.

I do not know what Mother Nature has in store for us this year.

Just in case you do not know where South Peak is Click HERE.

Some of the other gals with DLP's will be checking out the Bath County Paint Out, so Click HERE to learn more and Here for DLP blog.

Hope to see you there, you will love the view.

Happy Trails
Travel Safely

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Hey Friends,  I'm just a tad late, and that's OK.  Better to be busy !
This photo above is the artists getting started with set up.

Here is my display, all ready for the big rush.  That never came.
Last year was my year for sales.  The folks in this area made it very obvious they do not care for abstraction or expressionism.

Quite a few sales were made, mostly traditional landscapes.

This is Julie, a lady that went to Glenvar High School with me.
She had some sales too.

And here is one of the stars of the whole show!  She was a sweet gal,  I hope a very loving kind family took her home.

All in All I will continue to do this show, because the staff has made it so very easy to get in and get out.  All you have to do is bring your work and the price is so reasonable.
I painted several small pieces while there.

More news later.

Happy Trails