Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crazy People at the Top of the Hill No.2

Hey Friends,  I needed this to be another quicky but of course BlogSpot is being really wonky.  I'm not even gonna try to figure it out or fix it.  So these words are over instead of under.  This is No.2 and I shall try to link to Ebay - Here.
Have a wonderful spring day.
Happy Trials

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

"Milk Bottle"

Hey Friends,  This week is spring break so the GranBabes are NOT in school !  You know that means I'm pretty busy.  Between my precious babes and my plein aire painting group I can't get much else done.  Thankfully you can post in your blog and save for later.  That's what I did except for this paragraph.  Had to do this when I posted the blog in case everything changed.  It hasn't, Yay !1

So now I'll connect this to Ebay so you know where to CLICK  Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Trails
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PS - A favorite thing I like about Masa Rice Paper is the raggedy edges you can get.

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Poppies in My Field"

Hey Friends,  Another mind bending view of my field.  This time with the tasty little poppies and a row of beautiful trees at the ridge line.
This is for auction in Ebay - Click Here for a look.

Happy Trails
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Smelling Fresh and Kite Festival

Hey Friends,  The painting above is up for auction , Click Here is see.  I rode the little golf cart down the rode to Mr. Charley's place and luckily there was laundry on the line.  I made up a couple pieces (pink whatever's) for some added color.  Mr. Charley is widowed.  The sunspots were a welcomed enhancement.
Yesterday, Sat., my GranBabes and I went to see the kites at the Green Hill Kite Fest.  It was much prettier then last year.  Or it could be I didn't stay long enough last year.  This photo doesn't really show off how many kites were in the air.  Can't wait to make a couple paintings of this day.

And I probably shouldn't show you this, but it's funny NOW.  This is what Nic thought of the festival.

And this is what Ms.Lill thought of it.  She did real well with both kites.  She is a sweet, patient big sister most of the time.  And Nic can pluck her last nerve on demand.
Happy Easter.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Red Buds and Pears

 Hey Friends,  Above is a small 6x6 oil painting I did a while back while dog sitting at my daughters house.  Her neighborhood.  It's for auction in Ebay, Click Here

Above is a shot of me painting at 2nd Helpings Gallery on Williamson Road in Roanoke, Va.  My painting group, the DLP was at the gallery today, just to entertain the customers.  The gallery's regulars seem to really enjoy us painting and any demo's in general. It is a great gallery and their cafĂ© has wonderful food.

This is one piece I finished today (not finished in this photo).  I will scan it and show it tomorrow.  I like it a lot probably because I love the colors of all the trees blooming right now.  I took some photos last week when I was out at Butts Cemetary, along Alleghany Rd., when I came across this beautiful row of trees.  I think it was at Richfield.
Have a great evening.

Happy Trails
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"The Crazy People at the Top of the Hill No. 1"

Hey Friends,  I put a good bit of texture with a sandy gel and an orange bag on the surface, first of all and let that dry.  Then back in with one of my favorite cheap brushes from Cheap Joes.  I think they are called "Golden Fleece" brushes.  I've had mine for years and its taken a lot of abuse.
I really enjoy abstracting the landscape a bit.
This is a new addition to the ebay auctions.  Click Here to Look.

 On another subject, I went to walk a bit at Green Hill Park on the Roanoke River, here in Salem, after making my mail run.  I knew it was time for the Mertensia (Va.Blue Bells) and wild phlox to be blooming.  Mertensia is the prettiest flower to have ever lived.  The shades of blue and pink together on one plant is an artist dream.  I could never do them justice with my little camera OR my brush and paint.  It's is one of those creations you must see in person.
Anyway when they are in bloom that's all I want to paint.  Over and over.  But I've got other paintings that need to be done.  I've got to get something started to finish at 2nd Helpings Gallery in Roanoke tomorrow.  Our group of fab artists, "the Double Line Painters" will be painting from 11 til 1pm or whenever the crowd dies down.  And the 27th of April, we will be at the "Blue Ridge Winery" in the Eagle Rock area.  Again painting for your entertainment and displaying our work for your perusal and purchase.  Hope you can come chat with us for a while.

Happy Trails
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Monday, April 14, 2014

"Campfire No. 2"

Hey Friends,  Trying my hand at a nocturne here.  Of course it's totally made up.  The fire photo came from a marshmallow roasting night at my sisters years ago.  The moon photo came from last year when I was in my secret place trying to catch the blue moon.  And the rest is a memory.
I DID enjoy doing this however difficult it may have been.  And it is a bit darker then my computer shows.  You know, ya got the light shining thru this image but not in real life.
  Check it out HERE

Happy Trails
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Blue Bird with His Nest

Hey Friends,  This is an experiment of sorts.  Trying out the technique of printing on sumi paper and using in a collage.  (That would be the nest area)  The bird is a stencil using heavy gel so it is raised.  The rest is acrylic paints.   Enjoyed doing this and want to give it another try.  Click Here for the Ebay auction.
Happy Trails
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

"A boy and His Dog"

Hey Friends,  Here is a wee bit of heaven for ya.  We can only dream of such things.  Mostly inspired by the movie "All Dogs go to Heaven".  This fella is swinging with his best friend one last time. Convincing him there is nothing to be afraid of in Heaven.  Click Here for a closer look in Ebay.

 And now for what I did today.
I went to "Butts Cemetery" in the Glenvar/Fort Lewis area on Alleghany Rd. here in Salem, Va.  And painted a small sketch for a distant cousin that is to be in this area in April or May doing genealogy research on his ancestors.  Which includes some of mine.  The work he and his sister have done is amazing.  They have such patience.

He wants to visit this cemetery so I thought he might like something besides a photo.  A professional photographer may be able to do this place justice but not me.  And from the looks of that photo above, someone is doing some construction there.  See ya soon Robert.
Happy Trails
Travel Well

Friday, April 11, 2014

"Apple Blossum"

Hey Friends,  My latest addition to the Ebay auctions.  This one little statement among many others about what we humans are doing to our bees (and other wildlife and ultimately ourselves).
Someday we will pay when all this beauty is gone forever.  Please Click Here for Ebay.
Hope you all have a great weekend.  Spring has finally sprung here in the mountains of SW Virginia, I know 'cuz I saw a few bumble bees arguing mid-air today.  Haven't seen any honey bees yet.

Happy Trails
Travel Wisely