Friday, May 26, 2017


Hey Friends,  It seems my life may be getting back to normal ?!!
I'm home after having a total knee replacement and spending 2 weeks with my sister recovering.  Now I have to do a few, once a week PT's at Heartland.

Just FYI, don't be afraid to have this done, it was a breeze (except for some pain) which I'm sure you would expect.  My Doc, Dr. Preston Waldrop, must be a wizard with the saw and knife, because I have healed so fast.  2 weeks and 4 days ago he operated and I've been walking without a cane or walker for over a week.
I admit it feels weird and still ACHES at night when I've been on my feet too much.  And don't be afraid to try different pain meds because some of that stuff will make you very sick at your stomach.  I have tried at least 8 different kinds and none have worked as well as plain ibuprofen.
The only photos I have taken are of my constant companions, Max & Hamilton, above, while at my sisters.  Sweet but yappy little dogs.
OK enough about that.

I have not used a paint brush since the 8th of May.  Hoping to change that today.  Maybe I will have a new painting to post tomorrow.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend, drive carefully.

Happy Trails

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Plein Air at VWCC

Hey Friends,  I went with my plein air tribe to the arboretum at VWCC this morning.  The sun was missing so it was a wee bit chilly.

There was still color from the perennials and blooming trees.  And my favorite, the benches are everywhere.!!  I didn't quite finish my painting but we packed up to get our hot coffee.

My blog will probably be neglected a bit for a week or so, while I get a bionic knee !  Wonder Woman watch out, HeeHee.


Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Hey Friends,  I have spent the last hour or so playing with charcoal and alcohol, turpentine, water on Lana WC paper and canvas panels.
Look at all the lovely pastels my Friend Mary Anne gave me.  I want to use them so I'm experimenting.  There was a small piece of charcoal in the box.

I ground it up and it's in this tiny cup.  I got one piece of paper wet all over and shook the charcoal all over it.  I dribbled and splashed drops on 2nd paper.  Then shook charcoal all over it.

Both tests were DUD's.  Above and below.

I poured water fast all over this 2nd one.

And here it is dried and sprayed with fixative.

THEN I thought maybe I could smear the charcoal on the paper, THEN splashed turps, alcohol and last water.  

THEN I had the brilliant idea to glaze the paper with Golden's glazing medium, shake the charcoal on it, then splash the alcohol.  Did that on both the paper and the canvas.
What a bummer.
I want to figure out how Casey Baugh used Charcoal on paper and made it look like acrylics that bubble and spread with alcohol drops.
His paintings with this effect are in the new Art Collectors Magazine, featured in the very front.
Next I will try black pastels.

If anyone out there in the blog-0-sphere or Facebook knows what I'm trying to acheive, please be kind and show me how to do this.
I'll love ya forever.

Happy Trails

Monday, May 1, 2017


Hey Friends,  This is 12" x 4" study I made for a larger painting.
This is now at the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake.

This week and next will be very hectic, with doc appt's and getting life ready for a knee replacement.
I'm sure my blog will be one of the first to be neglected
Hope to get some posts scheduled to self post.  Should be interesting.

Happy Trails

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Hey Friends, A quick post about the small art festival in DT Lexington yesterday.  One photo of Jefferson St. just to give an idea of the sweetness of this little town.

Shot above of a Double Line Painter, Judy Lochbrunner accepting her award for Best in Acrylic.

And two old friends above.  Nancy Stellhorn on the right and Susan Egbert on the left and she won the Best in Show award.

It was a lovely day (hottest so far in 2017) and I enjoyed chatting with a lot of friends I had not seen in a long while.

Happy Trails

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Hey Friends, A quick note to let you see what I did last night with the DLP's.

We went to Bedford, Va. to support Goose Creek Studio's and help entertain.

First we stopped at the Wharton Garden, one of the prettiest parks in the region.  It is between the library and the Bower Center.

A long shot of the other DLP's.

Then to the Goose Creek Gallery-Studios (back view) to finish our paintings and chat with the visitors.  Several of the studio artists were set up and working and entertaining also.

One shot of the DLP wall with a couple pieces of my work.
We all had a good time and got to eat dinner at a favorite restaurant "the Bella".
We ended the evening when a little rain came through.  But then it rained all the way home.  Linda and I were thankful it was still daylight, we HATE driving in the rain at night.!

I will be at the Lexington Art Show Sat. morning and hope to see you there.

Happy Trails

Friday, April 28, 2017


Hey Friends,  Time to get that little row boat out and do some fishing, right?  Or maybe just a tan.
But first head over to the Art Show in Lexington, Va. this Sat. April 29th, 2017.

The Rockbridge Arts Guild is sponsoring this one day show and this is the first time I've been there.
Hope you will stop and sign up for a free painting.  You do not have to be present to win, I will mail it to you.

This new piece of art, above, will be there.  It is 10x10x2".  Varnished and ready to go home with you.

Happy Trails

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Hey Friends,  Just a couple days to go ...... then I will see you at the Rockbridge Arts Guild show in Lexington, Va. this Sat. 29th of April.
I guess it's pretty obvious I don't do very many street festivals anymore ('cuz that's all I've posted about this week).  I'm having a knee replaced next week so maybe I will be agile once again.   Maybe enough to participate in more shows again.

This piece above is another favorite theme of mine, BONFIRES.  And decided the title is "Marshmallow Moon".   I have painted 3-4 others that sold, and hoping to get a few more finished for this show and to take to the Little Gallery at Smith Mountain Lake.

Please stop and say HI and sign up for email posts.  You will be entered for a drawing for a FREE painting.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hey Friends,  Here is a link to the Lexington Art Show on the Rockbridge Arts Guild FaceBook page.  This sidewalk show will be from 10am to 4pm.
I will be there with several new pieces of work.

I will be giving away a free painting to one lucky person that signs up for my email posts.

The piece above is 16x12x2" and will be for sale at this show.

Do hope to see you there.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Hey Friends,  This week I'm blogging about the sidewalk art fest held in Lexington, Va, this coming Saturday, the 29th of April.  YEP, April is almost gone my friends, does not seem possible.
This art show happens only once a year so do try to be there.
I will have a piece of artwork to give away FREE.  If you sign up for my mailing list, you could be the lucky person drawn from the bucket!  And you do not have to be present to win.  I will mail it to you.

This piece of work will be there for sale.  It is GLORIOUS SUNSET and measures 10x10x2".

Hope to see you there under a sunny sky!

Happy Trails