Thursday, January 19, 2017

No. 20 in the 30 Day Challenge - DEATH DEFYING KNIFE ACT

Hey Friends,  This piece started out black & white but became monochrome, I guess that is the correct term.  The white background just did not look right.  I think it looks dusty, dirty, smokey now.  Like a real old timey carnival.

I have only seen such images on TV-Movies.  Like American Horror Story, with Jessica Lange.  She was the manager? of a crazy carnival and they had a spinning wheel with someone attached.  Guess I'll have to watch it again!

Do you think the little glints of light shining off the knives is a good thing? or should they be erased?

I love that nervous little rabbit myself.

And there is a circus coming to Salem, Va. next week.!!  Yay.  Hoping to get some good photos.  Wouldn't a circus series be fun?

Hoping more to come.

Happy Trails

No. 19 in 30 Day Challenge - MAGNOLIA

Hey Friends,  As usual, I was looking for a title.  I bought a box of junk (candy making stuff) at a Goodwill and some papers in it were for ordering more supplies and it was a store called MAGNOLIA.  How Neat.  Well, it is if you think about all the chatter about Magnolia, Gaines, Joanna, etc.

I have always loved Black, White and Red.  So the red touches set off the word Magnolia in my mind.

Still have about 8-12 paintings to go before the 31st.
Happy Painting

Happy Trails to You

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

No. 18 in 30 Day Challenge RARE BREED

Hey Friends,  I was agonizing over the title for #18.  Black, White, and Gold Abstract....what in the world could I call it?

This photo is one of the in process shots I took AND there it was.  The title.
Why not, sounds as good as B & W Abstract.

Anyway, it has been a fun challenge for me.
Hope you are enjoying the posts.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No. 17 in 30 Day Challenge 'ONE TOO MANY'

Hey Friends,  No. 17 staring at ya.  What a title, just went blank on this one.
I enjoy these black and white works.  Would love to do a room in Black & White.

I spent almost the entire day in the studio, prepping black and white papers for what will happen tomorrow.  There are at least the same number on a table drying.  I may have ruined a few black papers with fluid matte medium applied with a sponge roller.  When you use a sponge roller a lot of air gets incorporated and can make the surface look dull.  It's OK.  They will be mostly covered over anyway.
That didn't take long but I was also painting more colorful pieces for the bin at Goose Creek and maybe 2nd Helpings.

It has been another dull, gray day.  Really dull.  So I did my best to brighten things in the studio.
I wish I had some of Linda's Pasta Salad for supper.  Sigh

Happy Trails

Monday, January 16, 2017

No.16 in 30 Day Challenge 'GOLDFISH'

Hey Friends,  I love flamingos (the way they look, never have had one) so I love to use them in art.  Had a hard time figuring out what to embellish this bird with.

So added a paper chain of goldfish behind her.  Did not add any thing as far as I could see.  So I made them pinker.  Top Photo and that satisfied me.
What do you think?

And I thought I'd show you my newest purchase.  Found these at Michaels.
They are Golden's Hi-Flo Acrylics which I read are the same as Air-Brush acrylics.  And this set came with empty markers.  Just fill the markers with the acrylics.  Not sure I want to do that but will test it soon.
I'm wondering what alcohol inks would do in these markers.

Happy Trails

Friday, January 13, 2017

No. 13 of the 30 Day Challenge - NERVOUS WRECK

Hey Friends,  No. 13 already.  Keeping with my Black and White Theme, the black is just a little gray.  This would be toad-ally boring if it didn't have the other colors in the red block.
Since I take the weekends OFF, I will be helping my sister pack for a move.

Have a wonderful weekend and may we stay Snow Free.

Happy Trails

Thursday, January 12, 2017

No.12 in 30 Day Challenge - LOOKS ORIENTAL TO ME

Hey Friends,  Not much to say today.  This piece started with an old clothes pattern tissue.  You can see a bit of the lines on the right side.  I laid one of the homemade Hot Glue stencil things on the left and sprayed with the homemade black alcohol ink.  Did not like the shape so squirted fluid white following shape.  It was really thick so took a few days to dry.
So after looking at it a few days, I couldn't come up with anything beyond Oriental Shape.  So spritzed red ink on it, added the little monk fellow and there she is!
Some things should not see the light of day, I know.  But when ya gotta have SOMETHING, you do the unthinkable. (At least no puppies were harmed in the making of this ugly art)

Thanks for stopping in.  Hope I got a chuckle/snicker out of you.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No. 11 in 30 Day Challenge - 'SAD SONGS'

Hey Friends, the Eleventh day is upon us.  Jan. is ticking right along.
This gem above started life as a real mess.  Every ugly color you can imagine was on it.  A heavy coat of black and white fixed that.  The rest of it is one of those games, where you keep moving stuff around until you like it.  The umbrella finally came to mind.

I tinkered with several other small pieces.  Started this 20 x 16 when I came to a road block.  Started with a dull khaki green and added some light areas so the intense colors to come will look clear.
You never know, I might fix it with a coat of black too.

I will venture out today and have a school lunch with my sweet little GranSon.
Then another lunch with my Sweet Daughters.

Hope life in 2017 is Treating you Well.

Happy Trails

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

No. 10 in 30 Day Challenge - "ONE IN A BUSH"

Hey Friends,  Here is my 10th creation.  Today was a struggle.  Why?  I just could not figure out what to do with any of these 5x7's.

Maybe I just needed more sugar.  I love these cool Tropical colors.  These are sprayed with my homemade Alcohol Inks.  Love them.

Here they are laying on the floor, drying, heater to the right and they still are not dry.

Here is the piece from up there that I sprayed with my alcohol inks.  I set the cup of Pantone's color "KALE" beside it.  I was thinking of smearing some of that color around.  Then I thought of a fish silhouette somewhere.

Last shot shows an 8x10 panel that I glued an old clothes pattern onto several years ago.  Just found it again.  I already put yellows on it with a brayer.  I have found out why so many artists put paint on with a brayer.  You simply can't get that kind of texture with a brush or a knife.  Love it.
Now if anyone has any advice for any of these little guys, just give me a holler.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Happy Trails

Monday, January 9, 2017

No. 9 in 30 Day Challenge "HOT GLUE"

Hey Friends,  Day nine !!! Glad I decided to take the weekends off.  Seems to make this so much easier.  I didn't have my Gran Babes over the weekend because of the SNOW so when I do have them next weekend, it will be extra nice with out that pressure.

I still played in the studio yesterday.  I made some free form stencil, mask thingies out of Hot Glue.  If you don't get the timing just right you can't flatten them.  They must be warm.  Hot glue sets up pretty fast.

Hopefully if you look hard enough you will find the almost clear thingies.  Also showing you the deli papers I coated with gold and silver.  I think it might work.  I intend to play with them today.

This shot is to show you my mess made with a kitchen fatigue mat.  It felt squishy in the store and I thought it would work.  Not squishy enough.  Plus it has a texture that you can't see with my naked eye.  The 2 little canvas panels are what I will play with today.  One in front has an old tissue pattern I found at goodwill, years ago.  And the other has some paper I made years ago.
And the top photo of #9 started life with tissue that I stitched on with a sewing machine.  Even though it is small (5x7) I was pleased with my outcome.

Happy Trails