Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hello My Dear Friends,  Wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving you ever had.

It's OK to eat all you want ONE day this year.

I can email you a permission slip, if needed!

Thank You
Happy Trails

Friday, November 17, 2017


Hey Friends,   A new painting that I finished about a month ago and it's finally dry !!  I prefer to scan my work when ever small enough, to get a better photo.

This was painted for the majority of it at a sunflower farm in Buchanan, Va.  It was the end of their season and the heads were heavy and hanging a bit low, thus the title.  Really hoping to get back there when they are at their prime.
This is listed in my EBAY STORE for sale, with free shipping  and would it not make a NICE gift for your love?!  I will gift wrap it FREE also.

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy Trails

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Hey My Friends,   At long last, I made it to "ART OF THE CAROLINAS" in Raleigh, NC.  I have wanted to see it for my self for years !  And the tradeshow was no disappointment.   I have heard that some people buy their supplies for the year at this show.  Now I believe it.  Hand truck after hand truck went by with cases of canvas...all sizes.   Grocery type buggies full of paint went by.

I was doing my little thing, perusing all the unknown corners and suddenly it was time for the little 1/2 day work shop with Bob Burridge (seen above).  I had to stack what I had found so far and run.

I was not late but I had to sit in the back which was a big bummer 'cuz I can't hear well.
Of course he had no microphone but the little gal sitting beside me was kind and told me the important words.

I'm not sure but it seems he was eye balling me a bit or maybe he just wanted to make sure I got a decent photo or maybe he did not like my photo snapping (I did not ask).
In the third photo he is holding my fav of his paintings.  It's a healthy woman in a turquoise bikini.
Oh, if it had only been a few hundred, It would have been mine.  But I judged from his small ones at $425.00 that this one was about $2500.00.  or more.

Here is my friend Linda, doing her best to keep up.  He didn't give you much time between exercises, so you would not fiddle with details.  I believe we learned SOMETHING, but honestly, I knew everything he said before he said it from years of watching his videos.  But I should of known I wouldn't learn much in a couple of hours.

Can't wait to go back.
And I told several employees and Mr Jerry, that we wanted an Artarama in Roanoke or Salem, Va.
He said "Yeah, that's interesting"

Happy Trails

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Hey Friends,  First thing I would like to know !  Does anyone out there in Cyber Land know what kind of tree this is?  Really want to know.  Took this photo this morning and the leaves are all gone and the bark is gray green.

This was my first work.  A little cove along the edge of Abbot Lake at the parkway road.
Started with an under layer/block in of phalo turq. & raw umber.

Here is a better view of the waters edge.  A very few leaves laying on the water had some crimson but that was about all.

A view looking across Abbot Lake to where Linda and Bonnie were set up to paint.

Here is my last little creation that needs much more work.  When I finish I'll show the before and after. 

Just had a delicious day and hope you did also.

Til next time !
Happy Trails

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Hey Friends,  I was out this morning with my friends in the Smith Mountain Lake area.  Off of Rt.122 to be exact.  At a friends Farm.  An unbelievable mansion with a pond and horse pasture and more, more.

The painting above was done by my friend, don't want you to think I'm taking any credit for her work.  Didn't show you mine because they look so amateurish beside of hers.

So now, don't forget to come and visit at South Peaks 3rd annual plein air paint out !! Sat, day after tomorrow and Sun.  AND  the weather is going to be fabulous.
There will be plenty to see, besides the painters.

See you then
Happy Trails

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Hey Friends,  I thought I was in Buchanan but the proprietor told me I was in Botetourt.   Doesn't matter to me, both are equally gorgeous.  But I DO love this particular estate.
I am happy with the painting above but would still like to put a few horses in.
It is hard making that dry, goldish-brown color of the fields.

This painting is a lot better now.  It looked so simple, that is why I choose to do it with the left over oils on my palette.  But, NO, it was not.
The light was really changing fast so I quit.  Will finish later.
There are 2 rose bushes up there in the darkest area of the photo.

And today I went with my plein air group to Sinkland Farm just outside of Christiansburg, Va.
We had a beautiful day for plein air as you can see from the photos.
I choose this vignette with the truck and cows!  Fun except a hundred vehicles driving over the dry gravel road and kicked up a dust storm every time.  We are so very dry here in SW Va. and it's time to worry about forest fires.

And I do not know what this little structure is for but I LOVE IT.  Susan the owner has put out a lot of cute little things for the kids to interact with.  They have tons of children come on school buses from every where.  And they love to SQUEAL.

Can't wait to go back !
Happy Trails

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Hey Friends,  We are in the final stretch or the final stages of plans for the Third Painting Event at South Peak in Roanoke, Va.

We have about 20 artists competing for 3 prizes and our judge, Trey Finney, from Spartanburg, SC is gonna have a hard time picking out three paintings !

The committee has been hard at work all summer making plans and connections.  We have had some great volunteers making boutique items for the Charity Booth to benefit the Red Cross which is helping with relief, in at least two Hurricane disaster sites, probably more.

There will be some food vendors (see the poster above) some live music and models staged for the artists to add to their plein air work.

No admission charge !  Just come to the top and enjoy the art show inside the Peaks. Sat & Sun.  Come to the awards ceremony Sunday at 3pm.

Purchase early holiday presents too !

I will remind you again soon,
Happy Trails

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Hey Friends,  Did you know there is a huge sunflower farm in Buchanan ?  I did not until a couple weeks ago when they had their 2nd festival.

The owner Candace let us paint there today.
HERE is her FB page for the farm

So many beautiful views, it was hard to pick.
Above I set up close to the flowers to do a portrait of sorts.
I will have to finish here at home.

And here is another beautiful farm, not really now, maybe at one time, but a gorgeous piece of property nontheless, that I hope to get back to soon.

Has this faded red barn, which I think was for cows at one time.  Now it stores machinery.

This was my last start for this day.  Includes the stream and a good view of the white fence.
Very dry here in SW Va. now so the stream is tiny.  Probably when spring rolls around again, it will be full and I can try to capture that.

All in all, it has been a good week for plein air.  How much longer will it last.?  Please tell me through October the 15th !  We want some clear, sunny days for the South Peak Paint Out this year.

Happy Trails

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Hey Friends,  Wanted you to see how it went at the Salem Civic Center today,  for the art show.
That is my display up there.  Had several nice sales !!

Nothing to do with the art show but isn't the Kissing Booth cute.

Here are a couple of the cuties you could find at the kissing booth !!

Simply Adorable.  These two (above were adopted) Yay!

Simply adorable again.  That little one liked my chicks.

Simply adorable with her little TuTu.  I assume that is what she will wear for trick or treating !

Been a long day that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Maybe I will have another report tomorrow night.

Soooooo-o-o-o See You at the CC tomorrow.

Happy Trails

Thursday, September 21, 2017


Hey Friends,  You should have come with us today.  We went to Roaring Run which is out past Botetourt and Fincastle on Rt. 220.  Positively worth the little bit of time it takes to get there.

Top photo I was almost finished with this 9x12 and I DID finish it and signed it.  Hoping that would keep me from fiddling with it anymore.
I was going to paint this spot on the creek (above) but the others were packed up and ready for lunch.
Time fly's when you are in the zone.

I will have to go back after I get my license to carry a gun.  Maybe an assault rifle so I can shoot at every little bird that breaks a twig.  You know, the paranoia of a bear leaping out of no where, to drag you back to the liar for the cubs to eat. 

I probably just need a good stiff drink before I leave the car. HA!

Happy Trails