Sunday, May 17, 2020


Hi My Friend,  I know you are busy, like me, will try to keep this short.  I added new work done during the quarantine to my Ebay store and DPW.  The top piece was a humor problem I have ...everything is supposed to be humorous!   If you had as trouble as I did finding toilet paper and sanitizer you may not think it is too funny, but that is my problem.

The other two were done from memory.  Mom's old mail box she keeps gloves and tools in for the garden and the old shelter/shed that could fall any time.  Just junk under there mostly.  Lots of times we put the old golf cart under there.

Hope you will sign up for email updates her because I intend to give away small original paintings this year.   I wish all of you a long healthy, happy life.



Tyronia said...

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