Sunday, June 25, 2017


Hey Friends,  Yesterday, June 24th, we the DLP's held our 3rd workshop at the infamous and beautiful Evergreen Lavender Farm in Appomattox, Va.

Hosted by Bonnie Swanson, the hard-working woman that keeps this farm so beautiful.

Above Mary Anne is squeezing some yellow-ochre onto a palette for one of the students.

They all seemed to have a good time expressing their version of the farm.

And each had a totally different version, a totally different feel!  It was great fun and all had a good time.  Hope they will give it a another try.  The next version could be even more awesome.

Click on the DLP's up there to read a little more.

Happy Trails

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Plein Airing with the DLP's at the Ole Huffman Farm

Hey Friends,  Today was a GOOD day, out painting Nature's beauty with my friends, the DLP's.
The statue above is a Mr. Jones, evidently a soldier worth remembering from the civil war.

This tiny trickle of water I'm painting here feeds into Mason Creek.  Every little trickle helps!
This is the final version. (for this day)

Thought you might want to see the one big change for the final version.  There is a sunlight streak on the left side of that tree.  I thought it was confusing, so deleted it.
Don't you think it looks better??

This is a small road (I think maybe it's a fire road) and all I did was turn around after finishing the first one, above.  I walked up that road for about a block.  It was beautiful.  Reminded me so much of the views at Peaks of Otter on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Big boulders, stone cliffs, big trees and Mountain Laurel.  Can't wait for the laurel to bloom next spring.

And you know how much I love dogs, so wanted you to see this man watering his lab.  He was throwing stones!

CLICK HERE to read about our workshop this Saturday, the 24th, at the gorgeous Evergreen Lavender Farm in Appomattox.
There may still be a seat left.

Happy Trails

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Hey Dear Folks,  Did you know that my painting group, the DLP's, hold a workshop at Evergreen Lavender Farm every year ??  It is to be June 24 from 10am til Noon.
Limited to >< 18 participants.  The painting above is an example of the work you can make in this workshop.  We use almost anything except brushes !  The majority of this piece was done with fingers and Q-tips !  This is the most fun workshop EVER.

Here is a piece I started at the Wharton Garden in Bedford, Va. a few weeks ago.  Finally finished it a day ago.  It's available on EBAY.

Hope to see you at the Farm in Appomattox !

Happy Trails

Friday, June 9, 2017


Hey Friends,  I went with the DLP's to paint from the parking lots at St. Andrews Catholic Church in DT Roanoke, Va. yesterday.   Turns out they were having their graduation ceremony so we just walked and took photos.

With the front that was moving through we had lots of beautiful clouds to enhance our gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.
Hope to get a few paintings from these memories this weekend.

Just FYI,  therapy for knee replacements are tuff.  Yes, they do hurt, but it is NOT something you can't stand.  Mostly (for my impatient self) it's the time involved.
And walking is a good thing to do, like taking photos above.  But when you finally go to bed, it is TUFF to get to sleep 'cuz of the achy pain.

Happy Trails

Wednesday, June 7, 2017



Hey Friends,  This is a photo of the show hanging at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, named,  
BIG X 5 !
I am not in the photo because I was at Lewis Gale getting a total knee replacement !

So sorry to have missed all our friends, BUT, I will be there this Friday evening with Linda.
Linda and I hope you will come see the works before it comes down the end of the month.

You may find a wee bit more info on the DLP blog HERE.
It is amazing how differently we all see the world.

Happy Trails

Friday, June 2, 2017


Hey Friends,  Just back from the PT place and showing you what we did yesterday at Wasena Park yesterday.  Read the DLP Blog HERE.

I ventured to the playground area with the nice curvy walk thru it and set up my gear.
Top photo.

The other photos are spots I think will make nice paintings.
Esp. like to paint ally's, above.

This side view of the Brew House will make an interesting piece if I can put in the patio and make it look real.  Something to try soon.

Hope you are enjoying the last days of spring.
And be aware of the creepy, crawly hideous things like RattleSnakes.  I saw a 3 footer yesterday at the bottom of our hill.  I really hate those things.

Happy Trails