Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hey Friends,  I thought #Robert Sarsony was going to demo (a bit disappointed) but it's OK.  I enjoyed meeting Robert and his wife.  And he was busy talking with LG customers/collectors anyway.

And I got Pam Bryant (new owner of the LG@sml) to stop a minute for a picture with Robert.
Isn't she pretty?

So I thought why not just do a blog post on what I saw at the gallery today. 

Of course, the place was hopping so I can't show all the photos I took.

This is a very sweet lady that bought one of his masterpieces.  She said she was going to buy one of his every year.  Good news for him.  All the paintings on that left wall are his.
The 2 on the far wall, straight back, are #Bonnie Mason's.

And of course, I had to have a photo of a customer perusing #Greg Osterhaus's Cows.
Hope you enjoyed visiting my blog and all the pretty pictures !
Happy Trails

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Hey Friends,  A few shots to prove to you I'm still alive AND still painting.
#The Double Line Painters went to the little "Rotary Park" on Rt.419 also on the Greenway.

We all started one or two that will probably be finished back in the studios.

The water level is extremely low right now.  We need a long, steady rain of several days.
Don't think this is going to happen.

I suspect most of these little paintings will end up in our "150 Challenge".  Or maybe some of the festivals coming up this fall.
I'm pretty busy painting for our "Elements Show" and the Lynchburg and Pearisburg shows.
AND playing with the Gran Babes right now too.  They will be back in school soon so gotta enjoy summer while we can.
Thanks for coming by.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Venue in Salem, Va. - PENNY LANE SHOPTIQUE

Hey Friends,  Hope you an help spread the word about this neat little gift shop called "Penny Lane Shoptique" on West Main Street, Salem, Va.  For my friends in Salem, just go past the street to Green Hill Park (Duiquids)(sp) about a block or so and it is on the left.  I'm told the building was a Mexican restaurant at one time.
And I just wanted to add these last 2 photos 'cuz I thought they were such a HOOT!!

Bonnie was photo bombing me !  But I don't think she believed me so I'm proving it.
Happy Trails

Thursday, July 9, 2015


Hey Friends,  I've been out painting with my buddies today.  A nice little park just off the Blue Ridge Parkway not far from Mill Mountain (where the STAR is).
I only got one done today.  I was trying to follow some of Katheleen Dunphy's tips for plein air.
For a while I couldn't see that it made any difference but by the end I think her advice may have made it a tad easier.
It will be dry soon and I can scan it to show you.
And please give me your opinion.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Work at Goose Creek Gallery in Bedford, Virginia

Hey Friends,  New work was installed in Bedford today.  My plein aire painting group, the Double Line Painters, with Judy and Mary Anne hung this new show. Goose Creek participates in the 2nd Friday Art Walk so this is a great time for you to stretch your legs and view all the gorgeous art they have in their one of a kind gallery.
I have been trying very hard to mimic Ovannes Berbarian's painting style.  He paints in the Russian Impressionist style like Sergei Bongart.

Well, let me tell you . . . It's very difficult.  I doubt if I will ever master it.  I'm sure it would take a long life time and I don't have much of it left.

I still enjoy this challenge and hope it will become second nature.  Only time will tell.
In the meantime, please try to get out to Bedford.  It is a short little drive, very scenic, and low stress.
I'm sure you will enjoy the pretty little town of Bedford.
Happy Trails

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy, Happy

Hey Friends,  Thought perhaps you would " be happy for me" also.  It's great when your work is validated by someone putting down their hard earned dollar to take it home!
Above the lavender with the addition of daffodils was a commission.  And the owner seemed genuinely happy with it.  Thank You, Linda.

I hung these two bits of whimsy at "Cups" in the Grandin Village on Wednesday and a gentleman bought them on Thursday !

Thank you Joe.
So three of us peoples are happy.
Happy Trails