Friday, February 18, 2011

My Sugar Babes

Hey Friends, A little late but wanted you to see my SweetHearts. Above is my only granddaughter and her Love Letter Necklace. I got the Letter from Holly's Etsy shop.

And here is my only grandson, Professor Nic, with his patched up mag glass, looking for a binky.
Had a good day painting. Finished 3 small, 2 I started on Tuesday. I'll post them tomorrow 'cuz it is 12:30 here in the East and I've had a long day.
Happy Trails !


Holly said...

What precious photos! My heart is thoroughly warmed right now. ♥

Your sugar babes are total sweeties, and well-loved I'm certain. ;-)

Meowlissa said...

Too cute :) What an adorable little necklace. Thanks for sharing! Happy weekend~

Joe's blog said...

I love children. They are always fotogenic :-) Very cute. :-)))

Pam said...

Hi Sue:
Thanks so much for your compliment about my "beachy" painting--I can't tell you how much your comments mean to me! I admire your work so much, have followed you on etsy, too. Gorgeous gandbabes--natures work of art, right? Take care.