Friday, September 21, 2012

VIA Magazine

 Hey Friends,  Wanted you to see the latest issue of the magazine above, VIA, because they published a full page article about us, the Double Line Painters of the Blue Ridge !!  How COOL is that !
 I don't know if you'll be able to read this but if you click on an image on blogger it usually enlarges it.  It does for me anyway.  The photo is Mary Anne when the gang was painting at Carvins Cove a few weeks ago.  Judy wrote the article !  I just think this is so cool.
 Now on to a couple more cool things !  Lillie is losing the wrestling match with 3 darling labs !!
 And I don't think she minds a bit. 
 They are all so cute.  Lillie's little brother, Nic, wasn't so keen on the pups.  He seems to prefer the goats.
TK is the black boy and Max, his brother, is honey brown.  TK loves the little humans but Max really doesn't like but one human, his owner.  Lillie and Nic love visiting the neighbors with their TuTu.

Happy Trails, Travel Well

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