Saturday, June 20, 2009

2nd HELPINGS (formerly Art on a Mission)

Hey Friends, A message for all the locals. Local to Roanoke/Salem area. I'm really happy to tell you the Rescue Mission has finally gotten their new space ready to open!!!!! Their gallery used to be in the Tanglewood Mall next to Penneys. They have been closed since March. Hopefully, you can read the postcard/invitation above to find their new home. This bldg. used to be Sears, a really long time ago. Not far from the intersection of Williamson Rd. and Orange Ave.(460) next to the Roa. Civic Center, which is right off I581. It is real easy to find and lots of parking-close by. It appears there will be live music! Hope you can be there. I'm busy getting some new work framed or ready for hanging. I always have to scan or photograph everything and thats such a chore. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all you Dads.
Happy Trails!


William Hawkins said...

Hi Sue, good to hear from you...glad you liked the poem...I wrote it with my daughter in mind Glad to see your work...hope the summer goes well with you and yours.
Bill Hawkins

hwfarber said...

I'll tell my friends who live in Roanoke; sounds like a great place. Nice work at your Etsy shop.

Lee Beth said...

Hello. Just checking out new blogs and really like yours. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like. :D

Dealz said...

Nice work. Just stopped by and joined your page. check out mine if you have time and keep working looking good :)