Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hey Friends, Boy - was I shocked when I checked my blog this morning! I hadn't posted in a MONTH! It's hard to realize how fast days go by - how fast LIFE is going by!
Anyway, I've got a few pictures from the annual art show in downtown Roanoke, Va. Above is me, myself, and the love of my life-Lillie! She brought her mom to the show just to see her TuTu. The only thing that impressed her was a bag of rubber bands.
Here is a shot looking north at the famous Roanoke City Market Bldg. I had a great spot on this tiny street, almost in front of the now famous Taubman Museum!

Here is a shot looking south with the famous Hotel Roanoke in the background. A gorgeous old hotel you should visit next time you're in Roanoke.
The show this year was wonderful for me. The weather was heavenly and the crowd was large. I sold more artwork this year than in several previous years. Who would have ever guessed. I'm still not up to snuff on this here Internet thingy but I'm afraid it's all my fault. I honestly don't have the time to fumble with it enough to promote myself. My youngest daughter, my baby named Jessi (she's the one thats been so sick) is trying to help me out a bit, while looking for a job. She has some time on her hands at the moment, thank goodness.
I'm thinking about giving Bon Air (in Richmond) another try this fall. Maybe. A lady in my Va. group within Design Style Guide is from Richmond so I'll have to ask her.
I'll be back soon with some new artwork. I have been painting a lot which is a great thing, almost as good as eating ice cream.
Happy Trails.


maninthemoonherbs said...

I like rubber bands too, Lillie! When you get older you will probably discover the joy of tape! : )

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hey thanks for sharing. Great photos. You look very happy. Nice to hear you sold a lot. My sales increased in May ... maybe it's a sign that things are improving. Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Hollyrocks said...

That looks like a really fun show! I love outdoor festivals. Even though you have to brave the elements, they are always so much fun. I'm glad to hear it was a successful venture for you!