Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hey Friends, I wanted to pass along a couple of blogs I was reading earlier today BUT who wants to look at a blog post without an image? I prefer beautiful images and all I could come up with is THIS!! His Great Granny is holding him and he's hungry and not too keen on binkys.

Anyway - I was reading Carol Marine's blog and she had a link to an artist called Sharon Williams, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I think she's fantastic and thought you might agree.

Another blog I subscribe to is Casey Klahn's. He won an award at the Sausalito Art Fair and then makes a post to tell us Wanna Be's how to Paint for a First Place or a Best in Show. Very much worth your reading time. That's it tonight.
Happy Trails.


Sharon said...

Hi Sue: Thanks for linking to me! That is what this whole blogging thing is about. You got to my blog due to Carol Marine, and now others will go to your site because you visited mine. I checked out your work and I really like your paintings with birds in them. Very original and wonderful.
Thanks again

Casey Klahn said...

Thank you, Sue, and congratulations on your award for the Heron. Bravo!

hwfarber said...

Thanks, Sue, for the interesting links. Now I'm following more blogs! I already think of myself as a bi-monthly painter--with so much to read, I'll soon be a semi-annual painter.

Sue Furrow said...

Hey Ms.Farber, I know what you're saying! I can't seem to stop myself at times-there is so much on the Internet.

~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog