Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lamp Shade

Hey Friends, I told Kathleen Krucoff last week I would show her a lamp shade I made using Masa Rice Paper. Thought you might like to see it also.
A few years ago I ordered some Waxed Rice Paper just out of curiosity. Once I had it, just couldn't figure out how to use it in my art because it wouldn't stick to any surface using acrylic matte medium. So when I was redecorating a bedroom, I couldn't find a lamp shade for a floor lamp I had. Ta-Dah! I crumpled the waxy Masa, as usual. Spread it on some plastic and dumped liquid acrylics on it. When dry, I cut the shape out and glued with hot glue to the frame and added the beads, etc.
Here is the close up of the texture. It is an illusion because the paper is very smooth and flat. I love this paper! I've always wanted to wallpaper a small space with it. Can you imagine that?
Happy Trails.

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Quwwa said...

Love this work on the lampshade. Gives it a textured look.