Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hey Friends, I did it!!!! I goggled "how to make screen shot" and it gave me some directions for doing this in Vista. (I hate Vista) After doing screen shots about 7 times and saving in Paint, then cropping and rotating and photo-merging in Photoshop - the shot above is what I came up with. Whew. What a hassle. Still don't know how to get a full article in one screen shot. Kathy Reed, over at Design Style Guide, included my painting Monday Laundry in her treasury. I've had my paintings included in several treasuries but I've never been able to show you until now. Thank you, Kathy! Now I shall ask Google how to screen shot a full article and see if its do able in Vista.
Happy Trails.


Hollyrocks said...

Your screen shot turned out really nice! The treasury looks great too. Congrats on that!

hwfarber said...

A really nice painting--"Monday Laundry." I did a relief sculpture of the subject once--my mother was always at the clothesline on Monday mornings. I never got the "hang" of it.

Congratulations on conquering the screen shot. I cuss a lot and constantly have to re-learn things. Our new computer has Vista and I have not even attempted to use it for anything other than reading blogs.

Sue Furrow said...

Hey Holly, You're a sweetheart.Thanks for being so kind to the illerate.

Hey Ms.Farber, You're such a funny lady. Vista does suck and It's gone as soon as Dell comes out w/ the newest one. Life is hard enuff w/o the hassle of Vista. My younger brother told me today he was getting his laundry off the line - It had been hanging there for 3 days!

Rick Nilson said...


I took your advice.


I am out there tweeting, and my face in the book but nobody hears me.stop. Thanks for coming by.