Wednesday, March 8, 2017

BRAND NEW VISION - Original Abstract Art Painting

Hey Friends,  Making your way through this week , happily?
 Hoping for some warmer weather so I can get outside to paint.  This year I want to try making collages outside.  I know, if it's windy what do I do?  Probably sit in the car or find a bunch of rocks.  HehHeh, Can't wait.

So this piece of my brain got it's title from my desire to try NEW painting styles.  I have always been pretty realistic and after 25 years, I just feel the need to do differently.  Hope it lasts for years, because it is so much fun.  Sometimes it is a bit taxing but I believe it may be a good way to defeat Alzhimers and a host of other elderly problems.  Although I'm still a spring chicken, it doesn't hurt to start early.
This piece is varnished and ready to hang and for purchase at my website, HERE,  FREE shipping in the continental US.
Nice, good quality reproductions are available at FAA, HERE.

Happy Trails

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