Sunday, May 5, 2013

Beautiful Saturday on the Porch

 Hey Friends,  I wish you could have been there with us.  Ikenberry's retail store on Rt. 220 in Botetourt county has a wonderful huge porch with rocking chairs with cushions.  A fabulous place to sit and laugh with your friends and chat with art lovers.   We had quite a few people to browse and chat.
 True, most did not come for the art, they were after Ikenberry's beautiful greenhouse plants, such as the Ivy geranium above.  BUT, they did come over and look and chat, so we (the women of DLP's) are encouraged that this will grow into a show to benefit not only us and Ikenberry's but the FFA (Future Farmers of America) at Lord Botetourt High School.
Judy made this sign to display our intentions.  So if you will forward this blog post to all your friends, you will help us build this venue that ultimately will benefit our farmers.

Another shot of the art panels on the huge porch.  Inside this store is a big selection of candy, hand made bread stuff, hand made jellys and preserves and seeds and soaps and much more.
An antique cart right outside of a green house with a few of their beautiful plants on display.  I bought a Dragon Begonia, Lobelia, Blue Salvia,Creeping Zinna and Snapdragons.   All are gorgeous.

Happy Trails
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