Saturday, May 25, 2013

Our Wren Babies

Hey Friends,  Just to share the beautiful little baby wrens trying to leave home !  Their Mom builds a nest every year in one of my Mom's begonia plants.  Some times a hanging begonia but sometimes in a potted begonia.   They pick such odd places to call home.   We have at least 6 bird houses out there for them, but no......... They want to be in the middle of everyday life.  And that would be wonderful but they fuss and scold if you get near their babes.   Scheeeeeeez..........
 This brood was four babes.  And of course they couldn't fly yet so they were stuck in between all the pots in the green house.  And the parents were flitting here and there,  raising a ruckus,  almost dive bombing me.
 This was the first to break free and go hopping across the yard and through the fence into My Field.  Never saw it again so I'm pretending the parents got it to fly before it got dark.
This little guy was the last to leave on his own.   So Cute.
And this little guy was captured by my Mom and thrown out the window !!!    Can you believe she did that?
The parents were happy she did that, they got him going in no time.  I'm hoping they all made it, safely to the tree tops.   Life is hard when you are this tiny.

Have a happy Memorial Day
Travel Well

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Bonnie Mason said...

Love it! You always make my day.